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    Your Ultimate 500 Yard Rig

    7mm STW. Sako action. 26" barrel. Leupold VX 2. 162 grain Hornady Interlock. Done pretty well with that gun over the years out to 500 yards.
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    Let's see where you shoot. Pics please.

    Here's my target range behind my house. I put up 10" AR500 Plate targets at 300 and 400 and then 18" AR500 plate at 500, 600, and 700. 800 and 900 are 1/4" steel about 2' X 2'. The 1000 yard target is that plate on the back of semi truck where the trailer attaches to. It's a nice place to...
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    145 Gr. .277 ELD X won't group

    Yes I am checking velocity. Over 20 shots the high is 3035 and the low is 2935. Maybe a little more speed might help. The SST and Interbond shoot faster than that with nearly the same powder charge of RL 17. With the SST I'm shooting around 3150. That's something I didn't understand, why...
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    145 Gr. .277 ELD X won't group

    It was re-chambered in 2014. It's a takedown 270 barrel so I'm guessing it's a 1:10" twist but i don't know for sure. The dude that recommended these bullets said they are Hornady's go to bullet and have better ballistics than the SST or the interbond. I'm shoothing them right around 2950...
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    145 Gr. .277 ELD X won't group

    Hi all, I'm shooting a .270 WSM Remington 700 (1973) with a 24" barrel. It has always been a good shooting gun. My go to bullet is a 130 gr Hornady Interbond or a 130 gr SST. I shoot that gun with those bullets comfortably out to 700 yards with IMR 4831 or RL 17. I've shot 4 deer in the...

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