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    Which 45/70 die set?

    Browning is an updated version of the 1886 lever action weighs over 9 lbs. I have to sell my ruger #1 to make space so that might take a while.
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    Which 45/70 die set?

    I hope to get a browning 1886 in 45/70 and a mod 94 in 30/30 so I can shoot cast boolits, does the recently manufactured browning 1886 qualify as a "modern" gun for reloading purposes?
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    Brass Drying Rack

    double post
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    Brass Drying Rack

    Put them in the dishwasher, 30 cal and 223 go over the plate prongs quite well but don't use a tablet or solution just a hot wash. I'can get over 100 cases per wash which is ok for me as I don't do too many. Forgot to say put baking trays over them to stop the water pressure dislodging them. Run...
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    Need to Buy a Nice Factory Rifle for a Fundraiser....Which one

    Win Model 70 Super Grade Maple in (wait for it) 6.5 Creedmore, American as yankee doodle dandy and whatever anyone says about the creed, it is accurate, ammo is available and it doesn't recoil too much and the wood on that rifle looks the business. If the 6.5 doesn't hack it, it can be got with...
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    Neck Sizing with a FL Die

    To neck size you'll need the decap rod in there as a sizing mandrel, I kept one that the decap pin had broken off and I polished it in a hand drill to take 0.001" off the diameter for about 200 once fired remington 223 brass which were absolute rubbish with the bullet falling into the case...
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    Neck tension variation

    I had an issue like this, generally speaking it was with R-P 223 brass. As I have a single shot rifle I only ever neck size cases. My fix was to use a spare decapping pin that I polished down with emery to remove about 0.001" from the diameter then run the unloaded cases through the Lee factory...
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    Why the 7mm Rem Mag?

    300 wm makes bigger holes. Before the bullet expands, the cross sectional area of the 300 is just over 48.5 square millimeters, that of the 7mm is 38.5. Which size hole would you rather put in any north american animal?
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    Pressure Signs

    I have two ruger falling block rifles, a #1 in 308 and a #3 in 223 rem, I reload for both and use only Hodgdons CFE 223. I use S&B primers large rifle and small rifle respectively and all my info is based on using these primers, they appear to be made from a fairly hard brass alloy. All the dies...
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    Case prep? case lub inside leaching into the powder affecting burn rate? Try similar loads on the 2 year old cases and fresh cases.
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    Brass is hard to chamber after full-length resize

    My 0.02c load your fired case then compare with a factory round, measure everything with a mike preferably or with a caliper if you don't have a mike. Fire the factory round then do the same checks, reload the factory round then do the same checks again. My guess is the die isn't machined right...
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    Barrel Damage?

    Is the lens on the bore scope damaged?
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    Accuracy lost then cause found.

    Well, surprise, surprise. I got my Ruger #1 out as I bought two of the swivel adaptors, it had already been modified. Not that well I must admit but it'll do. I'll think about it for a bit then probably drill the blind nut out as it's aluminum and I'd rather have steel in there, we'll see.
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    Accuracy lost then cause found.

    I had some T nuts, I also do r/c planes and they are used a lot there but they tend to rust in my neck of the woods and this set I bought came with a nut as shown so it was a no brainer for me. Tex, I retired 25 years ago, few more years in this place then it's probably going to be the funny...
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    Accuracy lost then cause found.

    4 images that should be self explanatory. The blind nut needed a 9mm short hole drilling after drilling through the fore-end with a 5mm drill. I then pulled the blind nut into the 9mm hole, the gnurling on the end making it an interference fit. Should be good for another 40 years now, hope I'm...