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  • cool place to live. i've been there a few times. the action is pretty sweet. i was originally wanting a repeater but changed my mind after never getting an update from stiller on when they would be ready. after talking with Joel he changed my mind and offered his up. i'm hoping to get out to 1k in the next couple of weeks. its hard to find a place in the portland area where you can go shoot. i used to live in the eugene/springfield area and there places everywhere like where you are at. after all the work started it finished in around 8 months. other smith's are over a year and closer to 15 months.

    you can't go wrong with Joel. he's a great guy and know his stuff. he has so many different kinds of wood to choose from that it boggles the mind. what's on his website is just the tip of the iceberg as to what he has. if you are ever this way shoot me a pm and we can meet if you'd like to see the finished product.
    I'm down in Grants Pass. Kirby is doing all my metal work I'm going with a bat action and a Broughton 32in 5r barrel and then having Joel put on a Bubinga stock. I was going to ask you how you like you TAC action? I was reading your post were you said you were having a hard time finding one I was just wondering which brand were you looking at? I know the Bat can kinda be a wait, but it looks like it all worked out that action looks great. Have you got a chance to streach it out past the 300 yard mark which reminds me nice groop. I cant wait to get mine. I hope it is done by next hunting season. How long did it take Joel to do your build? How ever long it took it looks like it was worth the wait.
    Looks like we have similar taste. I am also having Joel build me a stock for my 338-408. Where in Oregon do you live.
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