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    BOTW 6.5mm 142gr. Berger vld?

    Does anyone know if you can buy just the bullet directly from JLK or from BOTW for that matter. The 142 grain BOTW VLD that is
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    The LRKM is Just about ready for production

    so Shawn can a standard edge be rethroated to an edge+p
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    338 Edge.

    if your going to shoot a 300 grain mach king start with about 87 grains of H1000 and work up from there with CCI magnum primers I'm shooting 90 grains of powder and getting 2846 FPS thats about max for my rifle
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    GIVE AWAY CONTEST - "How To Dope The Wind - Beyond Belief" Video

    "Enter Me In The How to Dope the Wind - Beyond Belief Video Contest"
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    Muzzle brake needed in utah

    Rodgers Rifle Shop He has his own design brake that is quite efficient it will run you around $150 installed, Just google Rodgers rifle shop for his contact info
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    HBN coating bullets

    Just curious if anyone on here has had any experience coating bullets with Hexagonal Boron Nitride from what I read it's like moly but doesn't react with water and isn't messy or harmful. I was just hoping to squeese a little more speed out of my EDGE and hoping to get any info or opinions...
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    Large or small shank action?

    Hi, I've got a savage model 111 long action with a magnum bolt face that I'm going to build into a 264 win mag and when I look at barrel websites I find that there is a large and a small shank action how do I know which it is that I have? any help would be greatly appreciated
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    Questions about taking 338 edge to Africa/Alaska

    Hi guys I am working on planning a couple of trips, one to Africa and the other to Alaska and I have heard that there could be a problem taking my EDGE with me due to the headstamp on the brass. I was wondering if someone with experience could clear this up for me, I am not sure what the...
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    338 Edge and 225 TTSX with H1000?

    trueblue I am shooting th 300's but from what I understand that bullet can be quite explosive on smaller game leaving large exit holes. I am hoping the barnes will still kill well and not cause so much damage at the exit. Thanks to all of you for the input I really appreciate it
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    338 Edge and 225 TTSX with H1000?

    Hi guys, I'm going to start working up a load for the 225 TTSX in my edge and was just hoping for some insight on where to start as far as powder charge the edge was built by shawn and is his canyon rifle as far as powder type I would like to start with H1000 if I can as that is what I already...
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    Rifle matches

    not that I want to highjack this thread but is it allowed to shoot a gun with a muzzle brake while shooting f class and does anyone know when and where to get into it in Utah
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    Anyone shot the Barnes .338 Tipped TSX

    sorry I haven't gotten back, just wanted to say thanks for the info guys
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    Anyone shot the Barnes .338 Tipped TSX

    Has anyone shot the .338 Barnes Tipped TSX yet, know approx B.C., or have a starting load for a .338 Edge I will have my new Defensive Edge Canyon Rifle here this coming week and curious about this bullet for a second load. My primary will obviously be with the 300 grain SMK but am thinking of...
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    US Optics $2500 Rifle Scope Give Away Contest

    "Enter Me In US Optics Rifle Scope Contest"
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    has anyone tried moly coating on 300 SMK in .338 edge

    Hi guys, just curious Shawn is building me an EDGE as we speak, it should be ready in June, anyways I was wondering if any of you edge shooters has tried moly coating the 300 smk and shooting it through the edge? what were the results? is it something I should look into? just curious, thanks in...