has anyone tried moly coating on 300 SMK in .338 edge


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Apr 8, 2009
Stockton, Utah
Hi guys, just curious Shawn is building me an EDGE as we speak, it should be ready in June, anyways I was wondering if any of you edge shooters has tried moly coating the 300 smk and shooting it through the edge? what were the results? is it something I should look into? just curious, thanks in advance
I am getting away from Moly. I just sent my bullets to Superior Shooting Systems for their Boron Nitrate coating, I like it better than Moly because humidity does not effect it like moly and once you have seasoned your barrel I clean my match guns about every 300-350 rds. And if you leave Moly in the barrel it tends to draw moisture. They are owned by David Tubb the worlds greatest target shooter. The coating increases MV , extends barrel life a bunch, etc.. either look on their site or if you call ask for Tyler, David doesn't answer the phone much anymore. Those bullets are so slick it's hard to hold them when you're reloading. If your MV increases 2-4% what would you do for 50-100 fps. They are in Canadian, Tx. 806-323-9488
We have been using WS2/Danzac in the 32" Rock Creek barrelled 338 RUM. Barrel has just over 1000 rounds through it. Velocity is 2950.
Mine is a 338 RUM with a Lilji barrel, it will be completed with brake and all next week. I have not shot it yet but have shot their coating in everything else, if you know how to read pressure in a case you will see at max loads you are not showing signs of pressure. No one will tell you that you can load over book max and I won't either but I worked mine up from the middle and all of my coated loads are at least max.With a 3,000 fps rifle 60-80 fps increase would be an average, but ask Tyler. You will get the advantage of less friction and the max load. If you look at 2,950 + 80= 3,030 and what rifle would launch that? If you look at your reloading manual 100 fps is the difference between regular calibers and the hot shots and some magnums. If you send quantities they were charging $40 per thousand plus shipping back to you. I sent everything 338, 223, 30 cal, 270 and told them to do them all and I would sort them when I got them back, the bullets were different enough to tell at a glance and then I get the combined bulk rate @ $40 per.
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