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    Keeping Rem 700 Bolt Closed

    Being a righty that shoots long guns lefty, I HATE the Winchester style wing safety. And I hate left handed rifles too lol.
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    Keeping Rem 700 Bolt Closed

    I have never had the bolt of a Rem 700 unintentionally open while hunting or dragging deer...and I have been in some rough, brushy places. The only rifle I ever had a problem keeping the bolt handle closed completely on was a Ruger American...the bolt on that thing seemed to always walk slightly...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Varget at midway

    This is the worst I have ever seen it as far as ammunition and reloading components go. Never have I seen dies in almost every single caliber (even seldom heard of or even known calibers) be out of stock. I know there are a lot of new gun owners and the current administration and some states...
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    Biggest Bore...Heaviest Hitter...Long Range

    Who said I was on the teat of factory ammo? Who said I don’t have a supply? I shoot my big game hunting rifles more than 100 rounds each per year and like to replenish my supplies. My question was in regards to some suggesting non mainstream calibers to people who may not have been into...
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    I have to chuckle to myself when I see people state that the 30/06 will probably be OK out to 500-600 yards. The comment made that the 30/06 is more capable at long range than most shooters is dead on. The reason I chuckle is because when I was growing up the 30/06 (along with the 7mm Rem Mag...
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    Biggest Bore...Heaviest Hitter...Long Range

    I’m over here wondering where those of you who are shooting custom/non mainstream calibers that must be hand loaded are finding primers lol.
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    Thought I had finally found a forum where this bs didn’t exist. Wrong again. Ladies and gentlemen, we gun owners are our own worst enemy. We need to unite now more than ever instead of being petty and pointing the finger. I would venture to say that epags is NOT one of “you people” who has voted...
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    Powder valley in stock

    No disrespect intended, but many of us can’t be logged in and waiting on the phone/computer 24/7. I don’t have access to my phone at my job and computer/internet access is very limited.
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    Cartridge Base walks in Shellholder when seating

    I’ve been having a similar issue with Lee shell holders and RCBSII press. Not only that, but I use Lee shell holders on my RCBS hand priming tool and the primers get a “swirl” looking mark on them as if they’re not being seated uniformly. Switched shell holders and the primer issue went away.
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    FREE Magnum pistol primers in WV

    So are they actually free or a trade?
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    Should have done this a long time ago!

    I just read through all of the replies...good luck and prayers on the recovery. I had all of the symptoms (aches and pains, no taste, no smell, low fever, headache that wouldn’t go away, congestion) and I tested negative on both the rapid and the PCR. Doctor said if he was a betting man he bet...
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    Should have done this a long time ago!

    I use an old Rock Chucker II(I need a new primer catch tray lol). Loading while watching TV or anything else is not something I personally would do either. That’s just me. You do you. When it comes to something that could possibly blow up and damage my gun, myself, or both, I want to give it my...
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    6.8 Western

    Any new cartridge being released right now is going to suffer tremendously from the soon to be political climate and the almost year long run we’ve seen on ammunition and components.
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    Rifle cartridge build ideas?

    I’d be happy to find 100 280 Rem brass.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 30 cal Berger 185gr VLD Hunting price reduced again.

    All good sir. I’m new here and just saw your post this morning. Thank you :)