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    Best .338 cal bullet for big game ???

    I'll be using the 260 HH in my 338 RUM on my elk hunt next week. Pushing it 3065 out of 26" barrel, should be money.
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    120gr HH’s and Varget- tweak or move on?

    For some of my hammers, I need to remove the expander ball to increase neck tension. That usually helps in combo with the crimp.
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    Why the 7mm Rem Mag?

    That is what i am going to use this year. I hear it comes pre-quartered that true? 😄
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    300WSM or 300 mag ?

    There is peterson brass available on grafs, so I would go with the 300 WM! Lol
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    Why the 7mm Rem Mag?

    At the end of the day you are trading frontal diameter for less recoil. If you are recoil sensitive go 7mm and if not, go 300 WM. Simple.
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    Fluxeon Annie induction annealer - who has purchased one this year?

    In same process, placed my order on July 28th and I sent an email at 7 weeks. Got an email back last night at 2am (about 2 weeks after my email) that I am #17 in the que and should be ready for shipping in a couple more weeks. Sounds like their orders have skyrocketed and it is an extremely...
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    hammer bullets on animals up close

    Hammers are more lethal at faster velocity impacts. The petals shed and cause multiple permanent wound cavities. That is the main reason many keep ok dropping down in bullet weight for more speed. There is a ton of info on these tests on the hammer forum. I shot my bull elk last year at ~100y...
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    I'm Done with a Bipod on My Hunting Gun

    There is a lot of truth to this. Lol I run the spartan precision bipod but with the Tricer GTP-RS legs. They have collets that allow you to use your trekking poles as a very tall bipod...add your pack as a rear rest and you are set up for 400y no problem.
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    6.5 PRC/RL 26

    H1000 great for the PRC. However, I would be happy running Retumbo, H1000, or RL23. H4831 and H4350 will be the slowest velocities. If it was my choice, I would run RL23 or H1000.
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    Recoil & Bullet Weight

    I’ll take responsibility for the mess and apologize to you all and to @jdavistx. I got petty on small assumption errors and should have let it go...that is completely on me.
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    Recoil & Bullet Weight

    Okay at first I thought you were serious now I see you are just trolling! Definitely got me.
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    Recoil & Bullet Weight

    OP was looking for real world info with people with experience. Calcs are great on paper (even better when done correctly). I need to just follow @ButterBean motto
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    Recoil & Bullet Weight

    You said 20% drop in bullet mass = 20% drop in recoil…I was just stating that is incorrect
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    Recoil & Bullet Weight

    Well that is obvious