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    New McMillans. Yea!

    Spencer - Thank you for your service :) glad you're out of the sandbox
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    Savage shooters.... What model for a buddy?

    A good friend of mine is having good success with the Weather Warrior model in 7wsm , stainless barrel, Accu-Stock & Accu-Trigger for around $800..looking forward to hearing about his Montana Elk Hunt
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    .243 Win~ Hornady V-Max Vs Nosler Ballistic Tips Vs Sierra Blitzking.

    87 gr V-Max and Varget is my current load for my Remington SPS heavy it!
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    Primer ? for Triple 7 powder

    I am noticing all the above with the Winchester 777 primers, 100gr of 777 in pellet form and barnes 250gr sabots....crud build up, primer falling out/sometimes apart, and most times too hard to load after 3 shots. Still shots well but it has me worried.
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    Berger Bullets Give Away Contest

    Enter Me In The Berger Bullets Contest