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    338-06 loads with ELDX

    My 09 Argentine in .338-06 loves 225 gr Partitions and Sierra Pro-Hunter over 59gr of H-4350. Running 2615 FPS
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    Advice on new scope purchase

    I have the V-4 you’re considering, excellent glass and tracks well. The only down side is the thick cross hairs.
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    Non waterproof boots

    I’ve had good luck with Danner Tanicus hot weather boots. They aren’t America made but a better quality and fit than Danners Reckoning
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    Accubond bullets

    I’ve ran into a similar problem with AccuBond where the tips are deformed. I’ve gone back to the Partitions for that reason. Had the same issue with Hornady ELD-Xs
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    Scope for around 2k - Colorado/Wyoming hunting

    I’m running a V-6 3x18x50 on one of my 7Mags and love it.
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    Powder Question for 7mm Mag

    SSC 7828 is favorite 7 Mag powder
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    Which barrel manufacturer to go with?

    I just had my M-70 7mmRM rebarreled with a Shilen. This is the second Shilen barrel I’ve had done. The first was on a MRC X-3, both are great shooters. 26 inch chrome moly.
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    Advice choosing hunting reticle

    I’ve got a V-6 in the #92 and a V-4 with the #94 reticule. The MOA changes with magnification. I just dial up elevation and don’t mess the hash marks. Zeiss scopes track great. Red Hawk Rifles offer some pretty good deals on their demo optics
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    West Texas Aoudad

    Nice animal. Beautiful high desert country
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    Reloading Equipment

    RCSB Rock Chucker, single stag to start with. I load rifle and auto pistol, a little slow but always actuate
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    Spotting Scopes

    Ive got the Razor 27x60x85, it’s a great scope. Glass is very good, but it’s just to heavy to pack
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    Wet Tumbler

    I de-prime, wet tumble with stainless pins. Size, trim, square primer pockets then use corn cob & Nu-finish to polish before loading
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    Hornady ELD-X 143gr or Berger Ellite Hunter 140gr

    I killed 2 animals with the ELD/X one was with a 6.5X55 and the other was a 7RM just past 250 yards. Both bullets blew up and wasted a lot of meat. Good bullet out passed 300