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    1. sunshinegirl
      Hi, my name is Rachel, and I want to ask about your 1885 to 45-120 conversion I found in an old post. Before my boyfriend passed, he bought 2 Brownings in 45-70, and one in 38-55, both new, super deal. I have shot one, and want to start with BP. I reload for the 45-70, but love those old long cartridges. Did you rebarrel or rechamber your gun?? I also have a Remington rolling block in 45-70 that was setup up for long range BP. Do you know anything about what pressure that action can handle??
    2. FearNoWind
      Forgive me for asking, but I don't know how much experience you have with the 540X. Removal and replacement of the bolt can be kind of tricky for those who have never owned one and improper bolt removal/replacement can damage the action. Remington will fix it, of course, but there's no reason to go there if we don't need to.
      Please let me know if you need information on how to perform that task.
    3. titan700
      I had just seen a post on here where you had said take 308 brass and make 7mm-08 out of it. How can this be done , just resize it , or ?
      Thanks Robert
    4. winmag
      Ill pass that on.
    5. J E Custom
      J E Custom
      Hello TJ.

      They really cant br re barreled except by the factory because they have the recoil lugs machined in the barrel instead of the receiver and there the gas port that you have to contend with also.

      I like the looks but my experience has been that they ether shoot well or they don't. If they don't
      there is nothing you can do about it.

      If he has one that won't shoot very well the best thing to do is sell it and buy a bolt gun.

      Gas guns are problematic because the loads must be adjusted for the correct port pressure
      to function well and shoot well so if it's accuracy he wants any bolt is better and easy to improve.

      Like I said I like them but I don't own one anymore. Most people that like them don't reload
      and are happy with 2 MOA at 100 yards.

      I hope this doesn't hurt his feelings because it's just my opinion

    6. winmag
      His BAR is wearing something like a 20-22" pipe + a boss.

      My rifle is wearing a 26" fluted Hart 10 twist in a #4 contour + a brake
    7. winmag
      Question for a buddy,
      He's got a Browning BAR, chambered in 300 Win.
      He asked me if it was possible to re pipe it.
      I have no idea.
      Heck I don't even like them for what I do with a rifle.
      Anyhow, he'd like to re barrel it (if its possible) with a 26" pipe, like the one i have on my Win-70 bolt gun. Its wearing fluted Hart #4 contour 10 twist plus a break.
    8. J E Custom
      J E Custom
      PM me and we can schedule it.

    9. Drortho
      I just got a new Savage Model 18892 and live in Texas. Would you pillar bed it for me. ] 509-669-2995 thanks Don
    10. AKGuide
      Hello my name is Reuben and I'm in the process of building a 416-375 RUM. I was wondering the difference between this and your 416 Buff? I will be using either swift or Barnes bullets from 350 to 400 grains. I will most likely use the 400 a-frames and hope to see 2600 from either a 26" or 28" pacnor tube. I would really appreciate any info you can share, powder choices, bullets, primers. I will use this as my guide rifle as some of the animals bite back. Safe shooting.

    11. Alfred Crouch
      Alfred Crouch
      Jerry, Recently received e mail from Adam Fraley, the checkering guy from Ohio.

      Jan 2 (1 day ago)

      to me
      Im sorry but i must have missed or did not get the second email from you. I will get started today then and I should be able to ship it back to Joel the first of the week. Hope this helps.
    12. snox801
      Hey JE hey im in the slug only part of Michigan so I m looking for the best. I currently bought a hr ultraslughunter deluxe . It shoots solid out to 200, the trigger needs work is that something you could do. Also any ideas to Make this baby even better. Thanks.
    13. J E Custom
      J E Custom
      Quickone. Yes I can help you out.

      Send me a PM and I will more likly get it.

      For some reason i have trouble repling to visitor messages

      J E CUSTOM
    14. quickone
      hi, my best friend is a smith in jasper and has built a few rifles for me, but is going to iraq as pipe inspector , so im looking for a new smith .
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