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    6.5 Sherman VS 280 Ackley Improved

    Another benefit of the 280AI is in a pinch you can hunt with it shoot 280 Remingtons! Fire form while you have fun!
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    6.5 Sherman VS 280 Ackley Improved

    You got that right! A heavier slower bullet will out penetrate and fast light bullet! Especially for elk!
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    Temp stable .270 wsm powder

    H4831SC has been a great powder and I have not had any temp issues with it. Have used in hot weather in south Texas to 10 degrees F in Montana. It has kept consistent. Best of luck
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    So Will the .270 Win Overtake the CM's and PRC's?

    270 Win is the bread winner in my book for hunting over all CM or PRC. CM and PRC are great but the 270 win is a fantastic round!
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    .280 or 6.5x284 for elk

    Speed does not kill! The heavier 160 AB will out penetrate the 140 AB. 160 much better for elk hunting.
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    Barnes TSX bullets

    why not try Barnes 150 TTSX bullet out if your 308? Better velocity and your really not shooting that far, well 400 yards under hunting conditions at a live target is far. ALL Barnes TSX and TTSX bullets require A min of 1800 FPS to get expansion. Your SD and BC will be plenty for any animal...
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    Hammer hype?

    I have used Barnes TSX and TTSX for many years and love them. Back in the mid 90’s I harvested a Nalgi with 180 gr TSX actually shot him at around 40 yards with 300 RUM. I had complete pass thru, he ran about 60 yards and dropped dead. I did find one leaf of the X in the exit hide. Total...
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    Best cleaners

    You could give wipe out a try with its accelerator. No elbow grease needed. Use a few patches soaked with wipeout accelerator than spray wipeout foam and let it sit overnight if needed. Repeated until no more blue on patch. witches brew from Darrel Holland ART is another great product...
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    7mm rem mag build

    If you do t want to reload I would highly recommend go with a caliber you can find ammo for just about anywhere in case something happens while your traveling on a hunt of a life time! Don't get caught up in all these new wave calibers. They are fantastic but I would recommend looking at the...
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    High-end scope for ultralight hunting rifle?

    You should look at Holland ART reticle. Darrel is a great guy and knows his stuff. He puts them into leupold VX6 HD snd S&B scopes. Wonderful reticle just make sure you set it up correctly with your ballastics Data and it will rock. You can get 30 MOA holds without touching your CDS dial than...
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    6.5 Bullet for Africa plains game

    For Africa! Barnes, Nosler Accubond, Hornady eld-x, Sierra grand slam, trophy bonded bear claw!
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    New project!! .30 LR Rifle

    Wonderful! I love my RUM only thing is I am not sure if the RUM can push 220-250 over 3000? Best of luck with your new baby!
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    One “Do it All Cartridge” - All of NA

    338WM for sure! No Berger bullets if dangerous game are included! No way! 210 TTSX Barnes Defiance action (tenacity action) or win mid 70 action tuned 24 inch fluted heart bbl with thunderbeast break McMillan or Manner stock Talley scope mounts Swarovski Z6i 4-18-44 Will be a rock star and...
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    7mm RM Recipe for Muley Hunt

    I would try IMR 4831 or Retumbo powders. Nosler 160 gr accubond. Works great. Much better hunting bullet than burger.
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    Shoulder shots

    Lot of great reply’s. Personally I always try for a broadside **** behind the shoulder. No matter which hunting bullet you use, hydrostatic shock is how bullets kill. Putting a well placed shot into the boiler room will result in a very quick humane kill. High shoulder shots are trying to...