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    Mix some 0000 steel wool with JB Weld...
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    408 Cheytac Brass

    Hello, Brent. The barrel tenon is the portion of the barrel that threads into the receiver. The greater it's diameter, the greater the amount of steel used to contain the pressure and the less the chamber diameter will expand and contract when the rifle is fired. The chart didn't come out very...
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    408 Cheytac Brass

    Interesting feedback on the brass. Thanks. There is a possibility of this cartridge being used on an action that may not handle it. I will give some numbers in order to help with informed decisions. The Ruger uses a 1" barrel tenon on the #1 and the M77. I dont know about the 'Magnum' action...
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    Water capacity of 300 Weatherby

    Well. I don't have a case, but I do have a couple of numbers that might help. The weight of a solid brass case would be 1131 grains (custom cartridges). Subtract the weight of your primed case from 1131, to get the weight of your case volume in brass. Multiply that number by .1176 to convert to...
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    Water capacity of 300 Weatherby

    Prime. Let me get back to you on that. In the meantime, weigh an empty case w/o primer.
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    Through the back door

    I hunted whitetail in the conventional manner; stands, drives or just basic sneakness and luck. I was usually frustrated by the very limited amount of time between when the buck was spotted and the shot had to be taken and the demands of determining the trophy and my willingness to spend my tag...
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    Darryl, David, Boyd, you can't cant

    Re: Darryl, David, Boyd, you can\'t cant Actually, I don't think it does matter if your crosshair is canted in reference to the bore. However, the crosshair cannot be canted in reference to the target. Does this make sence?
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    max acceptible group size on game

    Last deer season I shot a group which I felt was important. I used a target with 15 one inch measurments above the bull. I leave my scope set for 300yds untill necessary to adjust it for a longer shot. Every 4 days or so, I put up the same target at 100 yds, cranked up the elevation to 15...
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    Leupold Scopesmith Magnetic Scopesighter

    Wait a minute. It appears with the device under discussion, you don't place a spud in the barrel? That is a good idea! Like I said about getting old..
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    Leupold Scopesmith Magnetic Scopesighter

    I am a bit uneasy about putting anything in the muzzle of a match grade barrel! Maybe I'm just getting old..
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    P-14 action for 338 Lupua?

    I would caution against using the P14 or P17 for any case with a head larger than the regular Mag. The larger the head, the greater the pressure on the bolt face and hence the lugs. The Ps 14 and 17 have less lug sear surface than the Rem. 700. Cautions related to using the .378 size case in the...
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    Long Range Hunting Scope

    I have used a 6.5x20, but not side by side with the older 24x, so can't make a comparison. With the 24x it was the crosshair change that made all the difference as far as a hunting scope is concerned. $53.00 and a REAL fast return!
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    Long Range Hunting Scope

    This year I had duplex installed in an older 24x Leupold for long range hunting and am happy. The adjustments are not exactly at one MOA, but are very repeatable. One turn of the knob equils ten minutes, (as opposed to 7.5 or 15)so it is very easy to enter in a desired range adjustment, and that...
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    moa Question

    I heard a wonderful story from a friend about a sighter shot. He had done this a lot with elk, and they stood well at 1k or so. Anyway, in this case he saw four black bear in the same tree at about 800 yds and laid in a sighter 'far enough' off to the side. All four bear turned loose of the tree...
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    moa Question

    The problem with theory is that between us and the long range target there is a great deal of 'real world': conditions that usually cannot be seen, and theory cannot explain, that will move the bullet one way or another. Take a sighter shot, and adjust the equiptment and theories accordingly!

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