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    SWFA 6x mil/mil scope

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    short action Howa stock

    I'm looking for a quality hunting stock for a short action Howa. Let me know if you've got something you'd like to sell!
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    Weatherby-style stocks

    What are your thoughts on Weatherby-style stocks for hunting rifles (something like this)? Some people say they help alleviate recoil, others say the opposite. What has been your experience? They fit well and feel comfortable when I hold them up to my shoulder in the store, but I'd like to know...
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    Tikka T3X stainless .30-06

    Back on the market with a price drop.
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    Tikka T3X stainless .30-06

    Selling a stainless Tikka T3X in 30-06. There is a limbsaver recoil pad, but I still have the original if you want that too. This rifle has maybe 40 rounds through it, and I killed a deer with it a few weeks ago. It's in great shape and I've had no issues with it whatsoever. $625 shipped to...
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    Leupold 3-9x40 VX-1

    Sell a Leupold VX-1 3-9x40mm, matte black, duplex reticle. It's in excellent condition, and I haven't had any problems with it. Price includes shipping from Rapid City, SD. I prefer paypal but can work with whatever works for you. Let me know if you'd like to see pictures. VX-1: $160
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    Go to socks.

    Kirkland (Costco store brand) men's merino wool socks. They're 72% Merino Wool and 27% Nylon. I have used Darn Tough, Smart Wool, Wigwam, Fox River, and others, and I genuinely prefer the Kirklands. They are very nearly the only socks I wear for work (I work outside), hiking, etc. They are $18...
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    Hillsound trail crampons are also a good choice IMO. They have an extra strap that looks like it helps keep things more secure on the feet.
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    I've only used real, heavy duty crampons for genuine mountaineering, and I don't enjoy wearing them. I like Kahtoola microspikes, but not everyone does. Something like a lightweight ten-point non-technical crampon could be right up your alley, and any heavy-ish hiking boots should work with them.
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    Light rifle vs lose body weight

    I know the original post was made in a sense of good fun, but weight is obviously experienced differently depending on how it's carried. The point that a long range hunter shouldn't worry too much about rifle weight is well taken, but losing body weight has little bearing on how a rifle feels in...
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    Remington american hunter rifles

    Might as well bring this thread back to life. I saw one of these rifles today at a local gun store. It seemed like a very handy rifle and it felt nicer than the 700 SPS I also handled. The cerakote looks nice but I can't imagine spending that much on a hunting rifle that isn't stainless steel...
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    Light weight tents

    Yes, it’s mostly personal preference for me. Floorless for sure is nice with a bunch of muddy boots and hunting gear.
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    Headlamps or brim lights recommendations

    The Petzl Tikka is an old backpacking standby and remains a good choice. The Tactikka headlamps have a red light option to preserve night vision if you need that feature. I just have the Tikka. A brighter (heavier/more expensive) headlamp might be useful if you anticipate following a blood trail...