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    7mm-08 for elk

    I would recommend a bullet between 140-162 grs with construction adequate for shot distances anticipated AND one that her rifle ‘likes’. The 7-08 is very forgiving on powder selection too; anything between H4895 and H4350 burn rates should work. Brand isn’t critical unless you re expecting huge...
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    6.5 x .300 weatherby reload data

    I read an article when the cartridge first came out and US869 was the velocity king with comparable accuracy to others. When 26 Nosler first came out it had similar tastes in powder. Big cases for a 6.5mm bore!
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    Reloading for the 270 Win

    Pjracer ... dang auto spell !!
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    Reloading for the 270 Win

    paracetamol... mind sharing the charge weight? Know it’s Max in your rifle but a reference point. I always use my chronograph and work up.
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    6 Creedmoor powder

    Had an unopened 8 lb IMR4831 and only a couple pounds of H4350 so thought what the heck, I ll try it. 42 grs IMR4831 with 105 AMax shooting 1/2 MOA at both 100 and 300 yds. Velocity out of 24” Lilja is 2990 fps; I m happy !! As mentioned above by others I think the 6 CM is versatile with...
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    For Sale Bruno’s has H1000

    I most always have a powder around that isn’t my first choice for a number of rifles but it ll work when this craziness and price gouging ( pretty much every 4 years or sooner now days) occurs. I also try to support the wholesalers and retailers ( both local and internet) that aren’t as prone to...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Rem LR Target Barrel <100 rounds

    Excellent buy guys. Dropping to $125 plus shipping for last chance. Will keep it if no interest. Thanks
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    243 Winchester bullet choice

    If you re trying to keep recoil low 85 partition or 85 GK. If your boy is younger; say 8-12, consider the 80 grain Blitz ( I know it’s a thinner jacket but ...) used in a reduced H4895 load. Shoot for 2550-2600 FPS and you ll be amazed with the performance to 200-250 yds. Set up friends...
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    .270 whitetail bullet shopping again, for the last time.

    If deer the target then GK, Pro Hunter, NBT, Hor SP or Speer SP. Pick which one and the weight your rifle likes. If you re stepping up to larger animals like Elk, Moose, etc then I d go with a bonded bullet, partition or one of the above cup and core bullets with a heavy for caliber weight...
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    7mm RM 180 vld-h over RL26???

    I m shooting 66.5 of R26 with 180 ELDM ... 2930 FPS 69 grs of Retumbo was avg g 2865 FPS. Getting no signs of pressure with the 26, shot a 1 1/2” group at 300 and called it good. 26” Rem 700 LR.
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    RL26 and cold temps

    Believe it or not I ve seen higher pressure on first shot when barrel cleaned and lightly oiled. Go figure.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Rem LR Target Barrel <100 rounds

    Have Rem 700 LR 1-10 twist 26” barrel that was an Un-fired 30-06 and chambered to 300 WM. Less than 100 rounds through it and shoots good, just too much recoil so took back off and did 7RM. $150 plus shipping.
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    Light recoiling loads. Powder advise

    I strongly recommend you Google S E E (secondary explosion effect) before using a low pressure extremely slow burning powder. It’s been known to disassemble small arms ...

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