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    300 win mag advise

    I jump the 215 Berger Hybrids .070" so they fit in the mag and they shoot superbly. I wouldn't get too wrapped up on the measurements of the jump. If they shoot well, it doesn't matter.
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    ADG vs Lapua Preliminary Comparison

    are you guys just ordering direct by calling or going through a distributor? My Win blue bag 300WM has treated me well, it if there's a better mouse trap......
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    Best compromise for a do it all rifle

    Maybe a 284Win. You already have cases to form with. Throat to the bullet you want. No doubt it can push a 140 to around 3000fps+ depending on barrel length and barrel life should exceed the 6.5x284 by quite a bit. You're losing a competitive advantage by shooting light, low BC bullets but...
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    Ejected spent case hitting windage knob, falling back into chamber...?

    The 1/2" nuts that you tighten to secure the rings to the base, we're they on the same side as the ejection port or the opposite side? I ask because if they were on the same side as the ejection port and the. if heads were above the port at any point the brass could have been hitting the nut.
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    Ejected spent case hitting windage knob, falling back into chamber...?

    did you have the cross bolt heads on the ejector side?
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    Ejected spent case hitting windage knob, falling back into chamber...?

    What? Leupolds response makes no sense to me. Do you have a Sako or m16 extractor? If not, I wouldn't worry about it. I have used .88" Badger rings on Badger bases for years with Leupold M3s, Leupold 50mm 8.5x25 and Nightforce 50mm NXS and have never had one hit with a one piece base and...
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    Where am I screwing up. sako 30-06 is having issues passed 500

    I agree a tall target and box test should be the next step. If the scope passes than maybe try a lighter bullet. Maybe something in the 185gr range? 11 twist seems a bit slow for 200+gr bullets and 208s are long. It would be very odd than an unstable bullet would fall right every time, but...
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    NXS or ATACR

    I'm not sure the glass difference matters much outside the lab. The only time I see chromatic aberration with a 20 year old NXS is at the top of the paper, 600y and beyond. That's academic, as the scoring rings are clearly visible at 15x and they are 1/4". My others don't display this at all...
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    Low recoil deer rig for friend with cancer

    I'm sure you've seen this before, but this is how I determine if my daughter (now 23 but petite) can handle the recoil over a 60 shot match. Going from a 6BR with 107s to a 6Dasher with 107s was like. .5# difference in her rifle, which is heavy by anyone's standard. This is a good way to...
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    Low recoil deer rig for friend with cancer

    I might consider 6BR as well. 6BR with a 90 -95Gr bullet, that stock and barrel, a Little Bastard (or maybe a big Bastard 4 port) a would feel like a gas operated pellet rifle. 26" barrel will put you in the 2800fps range. Maybe 2730+ with a 24". The LB brake WILL deafen you, and everyone...
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    Supressor speed increase

    I get about 15fps on a 223 and a 300wm. two different kinds of suppressor shot over a 35p.
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    Lightweight Barrel & Stock recommendations??

    I have been kicking around my lightweight build. I was thinking I wanted to keep the rifle under 7# without scope or ammo. For giggles I just weighed my 788 with a TIS sling, cheap mounts and a super light Swift 3-9x40 scope. 8.2# without ammo. Maybe I should expect to carry a touch more...
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    7 SAUM

    This his exactly why guys tried and moved away from it for high level competition. It can be 35° match 1 and 90° match 3. If it's not stable enough to shoot paper it's even riskier on game. I hope to try some RL23 when I build my lightweight 284Win. I won't be able to match a SAUM, but I...
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    7 SAUM

    In 6.5x284 (not apples to apples I know) we have had several guys (US Palma team or the like shooters) see their groups open WAY up at 1k once it gets above 95° outside. This is NRA Highpower,.so immediate downrange feedback. I didn't ask if MV changed, but results at distance did, over and...
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    Deer camp and Win vs Rem debate

    I have had this debate as well, with guys just getting into shooting mostly. The vast majority of my rifles have custom actions and none have stock barrels except my 788. Accuracy has never been a selling point, as I think out of the box they are both about the same and neither has good twist...

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