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    338 Lapua Dies 100 rounds new Norma Brass

    Are the dies and brass still available? If so I would like to purchase both. Corbin Shell [email protected]
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    6.5 X 284 VLD Lost River bullets

    I do not know of ANYONE who has had any luck with Lost River bullets in terms of accuracy. I have tested some in my 1000 yard prone rifle (6.5mag) and at 300 yards it was just NO good. With Sierra MK's my gun usually shoots from 5.5-10" at 1000 yards given the wind conditions. Dont waste your...
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    338 Wildcats

    How long is your barrel and are you shooting the 300gr MK bullet. Out of a 36" barrel you should get about 300-3100fps with the 338/416. With the 338/408 you can get 3200fps. I know a fellow who has one and he was getting bullet blow ups at 3300fps in a 10 twist. Corbin Shell 919-554-2805...
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    .338 Bullet maker in Canada?

    To all, Does anyone know how I can contact the fellow in Canada who makes the .338 rebated boattail bullets. I had his contact info and cannot locate it to save my life. Corbin Shell [email protected] 919-554-2805
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTB-TIKKA 595 Varmint or Sporter

    WTB Tikka Varminter or Master Sporter (Target stocked). Varmint calibers wanted .17rem, .223 Master Sporter wanted .223, 6.5x55, 308. Will pay top dollar for good condition rifles. Corbin Shell 919-562-6759 est til 11pm [email protected]
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    Tomahawk (300 RUM imp.) vs WarBird???

    I have a friend who is shooting a straight 300Rum with 240gr MK's. He was shooting them at 3000fps out of a 30" barrel. They did not shoot good at that velocity. He backed them down to 2800fps and they shoot much better. 1000 yards F-class is the game he is playing with the 240grs. It seems...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 1000yd Prone rifle for sale

    6.5 Mag 1000 yard prone rifle for sale. Kreiger 30" stainless Barrel, Walnut prone stock, Mauser Mark X action, 20min angled scope base, Iron sight base, adjustable butt plate, brass and some loaded ammo. Down sizing. $1350. Corbin Shell 919-562-6759 est til 11pm [email protected]
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 250gr .30 cal Sierra MK for sale

    For sale 250gr .30cal Sierra Match Kings 290pc. $90 plus shipping. Corbin Shell 919-562-6759 est til 11pm [email protected]
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    6.5 REM. MAG/6.5X284 SHORT/LONG

    I have both a 6.5 Rem mag and 6.5x284 both are 1000 yard prone target guns. 6.5 Rem mag brass is avaliable. Brass quality is good. In my 30" barrels I can get up to 3300fps with the 6.5 Remington and about 3100 with the 6.5x284. Both are very good combinations. I have shot out several barrels in...

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