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    28 Nosler Loads

    I’ve never thought of it as an overbore cartridge as it’s kind of tame as far as .30 cal magnums go now. But would you say then that even the 300 win mag would wear a barrel out quickly if shot when hot? Yes. I would think that shooting it back to back and getting the bbl hot and just...
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    28 Nosler Loads

    Glad to hear I’m not the only one having a great experience with this round. I have seriously not lost any. I’m the same measurement from day one. And I’m measuring with a 7mm insert in my comp with the same calipers I’ve always used. I do have minimal fire cracking in the throat but it hasn’t...
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    28 Nosler Loads

    Yes, you are correct, sometimes it is tough to not go ahead and shoot a few shots back to back, but I don’t do it. I don’t get in a hurry when I load, I don’t get in a hurry when I’m testing loads or when I’m just out to shoot for fun. I am especially careful with my high capacity cartridges...
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    28 Nosler Loads

    Ok great. I’ll be sure to swap the bbl at 750 rounds then since you “KNOW I WILL NOT GET THAT “. What I did was state to the OP my actual findings so far on a gun in hand. As I did state in my post, I am easy on it. I’m almost halfway there now with no change in distance to lands with the 180...
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    28 Nosler Loads

    Yes I have bore scoped it. How else would I know the fire cracking isn’t even to the lands yet. I know my length to lands with every bullet in every gun I load. I check it about every 200 rounds. On every gun I load. So yes, I’ve measured three times now on the 28. The same way I do it every...
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    28 Nosler Loads

    Yes. That is what I did. Just started on the low end and worked it up.
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    28 Nosler Loads

    I have the same gun. Mine shoots the 180 eldm great. I have used retumbo and imr8133. Both work great. My velocity has been 3120 with 8133 and 3169 with retumbo. Loads are fairly hot but work great. I only switched from retumbo to 8133 cause I can’t ever just leave a good thing alone. I always...
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    6.5 bullet suggestion

    Hornady 143eldx or 147 eldM. If reloading. Not sure if they make factory 147’s for the creedmoor but The factory 143 eldx shoots AWESOME out of my sons custom 6.5 Creedmoor. And I do mean AWESOME if I forgot to say that. Lol. Can’t even tell there is more than one hole in a group at 100 yards...
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    Best laser rangefinder around $500...

    I bet it works great for ya. I know their bushnell elite 1 mile conx is awesome. I’ve ranged elk at 1300 and rocks on a hillside at 15 and 1700.
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    To clean your gun or not to clean your gun-thats my question

    I to clean about every 20-30 rounds, custom and factory bbl. I have no reason other than, it makes me feel better. As you stated, I also see the first shot being a little off and then everything else is stacked together. But it has always been just the first shot. And it’s not much off. Since I...
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    Schmitt & Bender feedback

    At $1200, The nightforce shv seems to be a great scope. I have not had any issues with mine and it is super clear. Although I haven’t shot it past 500 yards, the tracking has been great going from 100 to 500 and back and forth. I do also have a pmii that I love. I really like the MTC and the...
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    7mm 180eldm from a 9 twist

    It was Great man. I am pleased with the performance for sure. The bull at 1104 was broad side and I hit him towards the front of the chest cavity.(the slap echoed through the mountains) He hunkered up and turned just quartering away so I put another one in him just behind rib cage and it went...
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    7mm 180eldm from a 9 twist

    I also shoot the 180 eldm out of a 9 twist 28 nosler and they are phenomenal. I live and developed loads at 1200’ elev, Oklahoma, and have killed two bulls with them in that gun in Colorado. One was 1104 yards and the other was 1245 yards at 9800’ elevation. I have a G7 of .375 put into the...

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