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    Not exactly a sheep

    Dang!! That was sweet!
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Powder Valley CCI Small Rifle and Small Magnum Rifle Primers

    I think I got a box. Did the check back 3 times then got them added to the cart. Checked out then it said it was out of stock but then got the email that my order was received. Guess we will see
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    For Sale Remington varmint factory .308win barrel used

    Used Remington factory varmint contour. .308 Winchester with probably 1500 ish rounds through it by my best guess. It’s 26inches long. Threaded 1/2x28 on the muzzle. I have shot honest .25 MOA groups at 500 yards with it. Pay the shipping and it’s yours. Just want it out of the house.
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    For Sale 181gr .308 Hammer Hunters

    Been a week haven’t heard back from buyer. Back up for sale or trade.
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    2 boxes .284 162gr. ELD-M

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    A little hammer goes a long way

    I killed a feral goat and two hogs with my at shooting the 64gr hammers out of my AR earlier this year. Did kinda the same thing. Impressive little rounds.
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    2 boxes .284 162gr. ELD-M

    2 boxes of 162gr. ELD-Ms 100 per box One unopened one opened just to take a measurement but otherwise is new. $105 TYD lower 48 Venmo preferred can do PayPal f&f
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    Accubond LR 210gr. .308

    Box of 65 accubond LR 210gr .308 Be enough for someone to get through hunting season $40 shipped TYD Lower 48 Would also trade for some large rifle primers I’m located in SE AZ
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    For Sale 181gr .308 Hammer Hunters

    Two unopened boxes of 50 each One open box of 19 $120 Shipped TYD in the lower 48 So same price as buying them but without tax and shipping. Would also trade for large rifle primers I’m located in SE AZ
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    WTT Berger 215s for large rifle primers AZ

    Looking for FGMM 210m (open to others) I’ve got 1 100 count box of 215s. Its open but all 100 are in there (I counted twice). If I had more I’d let everyone know. I actually forgot I had these because I switched to hammers and don’t shoot the 215s anymore. I’d really rather trade them for...
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    7mm-08ai W/ 168 Berger vld

    Ya if I find some I’m buying it! RL 17 is right between the 4350 and 4831 on the burn chart. So I’ll give them each and see. If it doesn’t work well I’ll have a bunch 168 VLDs for sale on here.