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    What scale do you use?

    I have a Prometheus2 and a FXi with the Autothrow/AutoTrickler setup... I find myself more and more using the Autothrower leaving the P2 set up for 1 cartridge that i'll always have.
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    Freezer Monitor DIY

    The Raspberry Pi is connected to the internet and all of the alerting is done either thru Cayenne or a Google API is you use Python. Laymans version - it's all plug and play with Cayenne and would cost about 50-75 bucks in parts if you connected the parts directly to the pins on the Pi. More...
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    Freezer Monitor DIY

    After I lost one of my freezers I used the Raspberry Pi platform to make a IoT device powered by Cayenne to live monitor my freezer and send out alerts to my phone and email if the temperature hit specific thresholds. Mobile Phone Interface The original prototype looked like this then...
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    Eating Coyote

    That says allot right there!
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    Calling in a Sounder

    I've been unsuccessful using a call for hogs; other than the sound specifics what other strategies are you employing? How loud are you playing them, do you do any challenge/response calls first, etc?
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    Help with feral pig meat recipes

    This is something I have always wanted to try and never got bold enough. I have a large working fridge with a Johnson Controller that I used to use to ferment lagers (I can keep it at 40-55 no problem) but never got bold enough to dry-age/Cure a large ham. Sounds like you have done it before -...
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    6x47 Lapua vs 6mm Creedmoor

    If you are not worried about factory ammo availability then I would go with the 6x47 for brass life - you'll get a little more life out of them but all in all they are pretty equal.
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    AutoTrickler V2 w/AutoThrow

    Any worries about the weight of the handle acting as a fulcrum and distorting the weights? I went with SS shot-glasses to avoid that potential issue. The SS cups were within 10 grains of one another and a quick trip around the belt sander on the heavier one got them to match.
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    New Member - Texas

    JP has a long range side now, I think it goes to 1000+ It was just bought by someone else about 6 months ago and the TxPRC has monthly matches there. Not sure about the membership details.
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    New Member - Texas

    I mostly shoot on my own land or other semi-private places. Where is your membership. You may want to check out Jacobs Plain in Greenville (i think)
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    Hammered Some Swamp Hogs

    I use a HOG Saddle on a Manfroto CF w/ the Manfrotto XPRO Magnesium Ball Head and it works great. I also have a pic rail on a few of my rifles and use the 4-Star Alamo (Now ZRODelta) My DLOC (unextended) Hog on Manfroto CF w/...
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    New Member - Texas

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    North Texas Hog and Predator Hunts for...

    I have ~ 2000 acres to hunt that is loaded with Hogs, Coyotes and (some) Bobcats. Most of the hunting we do is night hunting with Thermals, NV or both. We also have 2000+ yard range to shoot on in the daylight. I like to hunt in general and have no specific animals I'm looking for other than...
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    AutoTrickler V2 w/AutoThrow

    Best upgrade I did was ordering the large breeze break and replacing the straw w/ a RCBS funnel and cut drop-tube. The insert on the bottom is the 22 and chokes it down enough to prevent splashing. I'm waiting on a longer tickler tube so I can punch it in from the backside, for now I just line...
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    New Member - Texas

    New member here from North Texas area. Spend most of my time hunting hogs, predators and deer locally and try to go Elk/Antelope hunting in Wyoming at least 1x/year. I had a genius idea and started a Facebook group that allowed people to "Trade hunts" when someone pointed me to this forum and...

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