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    What should I build in 270 cal ?

    I built two 27 noslers and a custom 270 Wby this year. Just my experience only ~ Elk + 27 Nosler, My favorite Big deer rifle hands down 270 Wby, would not hesitate to use on bigger critters.
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    high end rifle help please

    SAKO customs always hold value if that may be consideration. Fun!
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    27 nosler vs 270 wby

    Pre Pandemic built a 27N with Proof 1 - 8 twist 26". The later for Anti 270 Wby waited like 8 months for another but had to settle for 1 - 10 but is fine for just shoot 145 Hammers and 165 Noslers in that 24".
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    27 nosler vs 270 wby

    NKiller - I will follow up with this but going to be awhile our range shut down for fire 🔥 danger. I also refer back to this old post on occasion to re read some of Trm82s stuff; he has been very helpful for a couple of my projects.
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    Accubond Vs Internond

    LEFTY ~ Copy that, thanks! Dmule
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    Accubond Vs Internond

    Love 200 grain ABs on bull elk @ moderate distances. Less out there on Hornady Interbonds. Hate to be redundant but the extra thick copper wall on those babys and pics of near perfect mushrooms hopefully make for one other driver option. Interbonds Kind of vintage for i just run across a couple...
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    Accubond Vs Internond

    Longtime AB, also shock hammer fan of 150s and 145s. With that said love the construction of Hornady interbond. I buy the vintage 150 IBs when I come across a box. I read seem to perform well on Elk but not a LR bullet? Looking forward to loading a bunch for flinging at targets at 4 to 500.
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    Anybody using ATVs for hunting?

    Griz will go straight up or down all most unlimited GVW. Regular or premium fuel but lots of it!
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    .270 WSM with the 165 Nosler Accubond LR

    You might consider in your load development Noslers fairly new .277 Regular Accubond (AB) 150 grain. If I recall launched with 27 Nosler cartridge and the 165 ABLR. The AB 150 was a sleeper but in high demand now. A bit lower BC but Regular Accubonds often tune easier and slam.
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    Bad customer service?

    You two are obviously good guys. What you are describing is the changed world we are living in. Businessmen and customers are all tired. You try, they try and it is still difficult. Lack of people that want to work, extended hours searching for inventory, more demand for communicating and some...
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    Browning x bolt Hells Canyon 27 nosler.

    Nosler and Shooters Pro Shop on occasion sells 27 brass, 165 LRAB and 150 AB. Technical support may share production schedule for month. Items usually bought up in 4 or 5 days. About the same timing Midway also seems to get their hands on 27 components.
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    300 ultra mag

    200 accubond and 300 rum combo used by so many Bull elk hunters. Internet has vast data and testimonials on this combination hopefully will save you time and motivate you to try.
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    27 nosler vs 270 wby

    NK - My gunsmith throated 156 Hammers OCL to 3.46, 165 ABLR OCL to 3.52 and 145 ELD -x to 3.40. He recommended start loads @ - .20 . I am still in break in and early load development. My vintage 270 Wby shoots 145 Hammer shocks the best. Thanks for asking.
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    27 nosler vs 270 wby

    Recently finished this AnTi in 270 Wby. Have had good luck with 165, 150 Noslers and 145 Hammers. Have two custom 27 Noslers running 156 Hammers and 175 Matrix and 165 Noslers.