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    Want To Buy 6 MM Creedmoor

    I’m looking for a nice 6MM Creedmoor with a fast twist barrel. Likely to be a custom gun. Please let me know details of what you have. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!
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    Want To Buy 6.5 Creedmoor Ammo (For a kid's Christmas)

    I'm looking for some 6.5 Creedmoor ammo for a gift for my bosses kid's Christmas. Not looking for any specific but a couple of boxes would be nice as they bought him a gun but can't find ammo. We will pay for the ammo so please know up front that we aren't looking for a freebie. Thank you in...
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    My best archery buck to date

    NICE deer! Congratulations!
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    NF Scope or Leupold

    Like I said, there's no way that I'd buy a Leupold. Hands-down ... Nightforce for me.
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    NF Scope or Leupold

    Of the two that you list ... hands-down, NIGHTFORCE! I have no experience with the other high-end brands. In fact, I wouldn't own a Leupold right now simply because of their business practices and their reticle seem to have gotten much thicker since the 3i was introduced.
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    Want To Buy . 22 Cal. Bullets (60-75 gr.)

    Please let me know what you have. Preferably Sierra, Berger, or Hornady. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!
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    For Sale WTT-Sac, proof 300 win

    What's the price and did I miss it?
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    For Sale WTT-Sac, proof 300 win

    The ad banner says For Sale but there's no price, unless I missed it, which could have easily happened. What is your asking price for a cash deal on this gun?
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    NIB Benelli M4 (7+1)

    Sold to tacoman1973.
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    NIB Benelli M4 (7+1)

    Photos sent. I also have a NIB regular stock and sling bracket that will be in addition to the gun. I thought if I kept the gun that I don't want the pistol grip stock and ordered the other stock and bracket for the gun. I'll sell it for exactly what I have in it ($155.49) if you decide that...
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    NIB Benelli M4 (7+1)

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    .243 and .264 proof carbon barrels

    What twist on the .243?