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    .280 or 6.5x284 for elk

    Your 280 load seems slow. I have killed several elk (and other things) with my 280 mountain rifle pushing a 160gr partition to 2825fps.
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    Has the 30-06 died along with the .308 ???

    The problem with the 308 and 30-06 is they are boring. I have a couple of each and don't shoot them that often because they are boring cartridges. Boring is good every once in a while though. My 26" bolt action 308 stacks 178s into tiny groups at 2775fps and kills thing like crazy. My bolt...
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    Antelope bullet

    Antelope tip over easy if they are calm when you shoot and you make the shot count. I use the 90gr Sierra Game Changer in my 6-250AI running 3375fps and it just flattens antelope
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    223 Rem AI vs 22-250 for varmints

    I have a 26" 1:9 223AI and it's burning 69gr bullets out at 3375fps with CFE223. I got rid of my 22-250 awhile ago if I need more I'll screw the 22-250AI barrel on or get out the 6-250AI with 90gr at 3400fps. 223AI is a great little round.
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    New project!! .30 LR Rifle

    Didn't read all the comments. I'm a 300wsm fan boy. I have a single shot with a 30" hawk hill barrel that pushs a 208gr AMax to 2990fps with a book max charge of h4831sc (67gr) haven't experimented at all loaded book max it shot one hole with single digits SD/ES so I haven't messed with it. I...
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    .308 win

    I actually don't care for 308. I like to tinker and I like Ackley improved cartridges. My 308s are boring. CFE223 and 178gr eldx pushing 2775fps from a 26" barrel bolt gun and sub moa to 800 yards pretty much on demand. Zero fun in that. The benefit is I throw my can on it confirm zero and...
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    New Savage 110 Ultralite with Proof CF Barrels

    6 pound 280AI with a proper muzzle thread and a barrel ridgid enough to support a can......I need one for killing things. I packed a 16 pound rifle around this last fall that wasn't suppressed, on my last pack back to the truck with a heavy pack and heavy rifle I was dreaming of a lightweight...
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    22-250 for deer?

    I have shot several antelope with a fast twist 22-250. Furthest was a 257 yard chest shot, she took the first one in the heart and just stood there bleeding out I put a second shot into her shoulders and she dropped. We are required to use 60gr bullets at a minimum I was using 62gr TTSX at...
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    First experience with match type bullet on game

    I have used match bullets to fill the freezer a number of times. Mostly A-max bullets but smk's a couple of times. Unless it's tipped I won't do it again after last years cow elk taking three 300gr smk's from my 338 Lapua. If you hit heavy bone they work well if you don't they pencil. I like...
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    5,000 fps coyote rifle?

    I have never seriously looked at hammer bullets. I just spent about 20 minutes on their website I might need to try them now. But I noticed they have 17 and 20 caliber also. What about a 17-250AI or 20-250AI I bet either one would hit 5k
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    5,000 fps coyote rifle?

    Nosler lists a 22/250AI load with a 35gr at 4760fps. A 6-6.5 PRC with 55gr bullets might be interesting to.
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    Head Shot on deer, Good or Bad?????

    I shoot alot of animals in the head, I am very particular on the placement and situation. Looking straight at me or straight away, close range (sub 150 yards), calm animal, no cross hairs movement, with a bullet fired fast enough and constructed well enough to penetrate the skull. 80gr amax...
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    Looking for some input and ideas for daughters first rifle.

    I have a 223AI, 6-223AI, and a 25/223 on bolt actions they are great little rounds and perfect for low recoil killing rifles. My 6/223AI has a 22" barrel and pushes a 75gr north of 3000 fps pretty easy. I haven't gotten that serious with it yet mostly just use it for blasting pdogs. I have...
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    How do YOU afford this...

    33 Construction, inspection, survey, materials testing 2 young boys Lots and lots of coin tied up in custom rifles, optics, cans, reloading equipment and supplies My wife and I make a very respectable income, have a decent nest egg and proportionally little debt. We are very deliberate and...
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    308 or 30-06 with heavy’s

    My 18" 308 gas gun clocked 2394fps yesterday with 208s and cfe223 for 10 shots.....seated to mag length

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