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    Anyone with a Model 700 Long Range Rifle?

    Here is my 3 shot group with the 06 Rem 700 LR disregard the hole to the right. That was my first fouling shot and I had a cast on my shooting arm from carpal tunnel surgery. The 3 shot group I was using my left trigger finger with a normal right shoulder hold on a bipod. Very un comfortable...
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    Remington model 700 comparison

    Have the Long Range in 06. I love it, shooting little groups @ 100 with 168 Amax hand loads. Nice looking gun and also heavy.
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    Anyone with a Model 700 Long Range Rifle?

    I have the Rem 700 LR in 30-06 bought in Nov 2014 from a buddy at work. Seems most have been sent in by retailers for trigger recall. Been looking for one in 300 win mag for my son. I love mine, so far it is a shooter. Put a Prostaff 5 Nikon 3.5 x 14 Mildot on and have shot between 1/4 and 3/8...

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