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    Nice AZ Smallies

    Havasu and Roosevelt
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    Nice AZ Smallies

    Love fishing for winter smallmouth, AZ has some awesome big smallmouth fisheries. Some of our clear lakes have some beautiful colored fish
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    Trade 7mm 195gr Berger EH for 175gr Berger EH

    Want to trade. I have a box 99 count, .284 195gr EH bullets. I had 100, but lost one of the bullets I used finding my lands. Want to trade for the 175 EH. Located in Phoenix, I will pay for shipping.
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    Which Nightforce

    I recently did a budget build on a Tikka 7mm. I put the SHV 5-20 on it, and love it. Have shot it out to 980 yards with 1/2MOA accuracy, I really like the price and ability for a 1000 yard rifle. Clarity and tracking is awesome. My dad has the ATACR on his .338 Terminator, and the NXS on his...
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    25-06 for US deer?

    Both of these AZ desert muleys were taken with the 25-06. One was the 110 AB @ 150yds, the other the 115 Berger @ 465yds. Both deer dropped like a ton of bricks. Both were big bodied deer.
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    7mm REM Mag Load Developed

    Found two good loads for me and my friend, we both recently purchased factory Tikka T3’s 7mm REM Mags. My load •Virgin Norma Brass •70.2 gr RL 26 •175 gr Berger Elite Hunters •WLRM Primers • .01 ish off the lands •2953fps average, 8 E.S Shot about 1/2 MOA at 100yds, and shot really well...
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    Sierra matchking performance on game

    My dad harvested this AZ black bear @ 1046yds, 300 gr SMK, 2850 Muzzle Velocity out of his .338 Edge. Bear was probably around 380#/ just under 20” skull. One shot right in the crease, bear ran 20 yards and it was all over. I remember I had my 15’s on him when bullet impacted, and the energy...
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    7mm RM Load Development ?

    ^^^^ At 70gr for RL26
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    7mm RM Load Development ?

    I am working up a load for my T3x 7mm Rem Mag with these same bullets. Using virgin Norma brass and WLRM primers. Not sure exactly where my lands are, but with my comparator on, I was jamming at 3.793”, and started backing out .01”at a time until I couldn’t see land marks on the bullet or feel...
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    Shooter App Question

    This is awesome. Thank you
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    Shooter App Question

    I do use a Kestrel, thanks for the tip.
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    Shooter App Question

    So when I slide to use pressure is absolute, it changes the input above from Baro. pressure to Station Pressure. I didn’t realize that and was using Baro. Pressure instead of station
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    Shooter App Question

    to enter altitude and baro. pressure or just station pressure. I didn’t realize when I “slid” on the app to use absolute pressure, that it changed from barometric pressure to station pressure. So essentially I was trying using the barometric pressure where station pressure should have been...