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    From Gresham Oregon

    thanks ss7mm. was hoping someone would let me know.
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    GA Precision build

    Thanks alot. I am looking at a MK4. Trying to keep it in the range of 1200 dollars. I guess my question should have been for any suggestions in that price range.
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    scopes? LRFs? Trail Cams?

    Looking for some opinions on scopes, range finders and trail cams. I have really only used Leupold scopes and looking to switch it up, just dont know what to. I have never used a LRF or trail cam but looking to add them to my arsenal. Id love you hear some opinions on brands, models, price etc...
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    From Gresham Oregon

    Hello all. Looking forward to this great networking site. Hoping to learn a lot and meet some shooters in my area. Are there any site specific abbrieviations used on this site I need to kknow about?
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    It took me for ******* ever to find your *** on here. I finally figured this **** out I think...

    It took me for ******* ever to find your *** on here. I finally figured this **** out I think. Does this site run slow as **** for you?
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    Gresham. Currently in Iraq and CAN NOT wait to get back home and hunt! I am prayin I get a tag this year
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    GA Precision build

    Hi all. Im new to the forum and was just curious if anyone has owned a GA Precision rifle. Im looking into buying one and would like to know how people like them. I am going with a Templar action .308. In addition I am also looking for some suggestions on glass. I have always used Leoupold but...