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    Scope upgrade: thoughts on $500 for open country hunting.

    i think you would be better off just using the reticle and forget dialing for a while till you get used to long range. i shoot out to 700 often with my reticle and it works just fine. get a 3-15 or 4-14 type scope and learn where to hold with the reticle. dial down and use lower powers for...
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    7mm remington ultra mag

    i had a 7rum once. very finicky, spreads were bad. i rebarreled to 338 edge and wha-la, a beautiful thing!
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Proof carbon fiber barrel 6.5

    cal. 6.5, twist 7.5, 24" long, sendero contour. brand new barrel blank, change of plans so selling. 650 TYD.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Nightforce ATACR 7-35 for sale

    i had this on my big gun which i won't use any more and i need a scope for my 6.5, which will be an NX8. So selling this to fund another. like new condition, everything that came in the box will go in the box. MOART reticle, f2 focal, the part number is on the box. 6 screw nightforce rings, 1.18...
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    Kahles 525i with Nightforce ultralight 34mm rings

    i'm trying to get a feel for the reticle since it's a ffp. how many vertical minutes are in the view when it's on 25x? and is there a center dot? i can't find much about the reticle
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    Kahles 525i with Nightforce ultralight 34mm rings

    not familiar with these, is the knob on the left side just for illumination? and it has an MOAK reticle? you stated it has an MOAR reticle.
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    Nightforce 2.5-10x42

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    2.5-10X42 Nightforce NXS

    pm sent
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    Remington 600 .350 mag

    probably 40 yrs ago i built a 30/350 mag. it was the biggest short action cartridge at the time. kind of a short magnum before the WSM. had a 12 twist barrel for 150 gr bullets on a mod 7 action. very short, light, and lethal!
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    SWFA 5-20 HD scope.

    non-illuminated, mil, FFP. perfect, as new condition. it's a great scope, easy to get behind and use. i just don't care for the ffp and mils. i'm a sfp and moa guy. 950 TYD
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    Recovered 143g Hammer Hunter from 868y cow

    what most people don't realize is a one bullet diameter flat front end will make a larger wound channel than a 2x diameter bullet that mushrooms. not counting the fragments that go flying.
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    Nightforce 2.5-10x42

    like new used very little. model C458 1450 TYD
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    Opinions on a good straight up hunting optic for $500-$700 dollars

    the best scope in your price range is a 3-15 SWFA. if you like F1 and mils they are a 1k value scope at nearly half the price when on sale.