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    SOLD/EXPIRED Fully Processed Remington 300BO cases

    I’ll take the brass.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Updated: 7mm, .224 and .222 bullets for Sale

    I’ll take the Fail Safe’s. PM shortly.
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    SELLER: SDPlinker

    My purchase fromSDPlinker was as good as it gets, look forward to doing business with him again. Highly recommended.
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    Ruger 77/22mag

    PM sent.
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    Ruger 77/22mag

    I’m wanting to buy a Ruger 77/22mag with the boat paddle/ skeleton stock and stainless metal. If anyone has one they’re willing to part with let me know. I know it’s a long shot as they’re getting harder to find. Thanks, Wag.
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    Any decent LR hunting opportunities in mid-west Arkansas?? Looking for a huntin buddy.

    Spearfishing in the NW part of the state is pretty good in the larger lakes, Lake Ouachita in the west central part of the state, and Greers Ferry north of LR. Probably won't find much for longer shots unless it's on a old logging road or powerline, I agree with the 300 yard comment earlier...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Fs/ft b&c m40 r700 la

    Re: Fs/ft b&c m40 r700 la SOLD Sold
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Fs/ft b&c m40 r700 la

    215 tyd.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Fs/ft b&c m40 r700 la

    I'm wanting to trade a Bell & Carlson M40 long action, heavy barrel contour, right handed, black/ grey spider web. The stock is in near new condition, I don't believe it has been mounted. I bought it about a year and a half ago on this forum for a project that never matured. Wanting to trade for...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Badlands Summit Pack/Gear/ Danner High Ground Boots

    I'll take them, please pm me your address and I'll get you some money.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Savage Model 12 VBSS 308

    Model 12 in 308 Winchester. I mounted the scope and it has been setting in the safe taking up room. I have shot it about 10 times. 1 in 10 twist, about 10 pounds, 26" barrel, in pretty good shape. If you'd like different pics let me know. 750.00 scope not included. Jason