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    OR TRADE RL26 for H1000

    2 8lb sold
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    OR TRADE RL26 for H1000

    Sent you a message to contact me
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    Call me 904-887-9958 and we will meet in OKC for RL26 Thanks, Neal

    Call me 904-887-9958 and we will meet in OKC for RL26 Thanks, Neal
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    OR TRADE RL26 for H1000

    PM me and we can kick this around
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    OR TRADE RL26 for H1000

    Not getting that way anytime soon but will keep the offer in mind. Thanks for looking.
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    OR TRADE RL26 for H1000

    I have 2 unopened 8lb jugs and one jug with between 5-6oz used of RL26. FTF in OKC area, will to meet a reasonable distance to make the deal. I paid 287.00 per 8lb and that's all I'm asking for the full, 250.00 for the partial or 6 1lb H1000 in trade
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    Bore Snakes

    I have used bore snakes in several calibers, 308, 5.56, 260rem, 6.5cm over thousands of rounds and never had issue. I do not put a cleaning rod down the barrel until accuracy falls off.
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    A&D FX120i on sale

    Sorry, the code is on their web page and I forgot to mention it. Mine was 550 and change with tax. I also plan on dropping a few grains low with the Chargemaster and trickling up with the Dandy. Glad I could pass along a good find. Past year has been frustrating for many on the reloading bench.
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    A&D FX120i on sale

    A&D FX120i on sale for 245.00 off at CE Products. Just a heads up.
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    Rocky snake boots

    Rocky 15" Mossy Oak camo snake boots in 8 1/2 wide. Worn a couple of times by my father, like new condition. 85.00 shipped
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    GG&G one piece Quick Detach scope mount 30mm

    I'll take it. PM inbound.
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    Mandrel as last step?

    I ordered a mandrel and gage pin from K&M to give .002 neck tension. I looked in my reloading notes and saw where I had tried this once before about 5 years ago and for the CM I was reloading it produced better, consistent loads. Thanks for all the feedback, I will be using mandrel as last step.
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    Mandrel as last step?

    Been using Redding type S bushing dies on 3 rifles for awhile with great results but have seen in different forums people removing the the expander ball and using a mandrel as last step. So if you use a mandrel as a last step, wouldn't that throw off your desired neck tension? As an example, I...
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    Oklahoma friends

    Picked up 2lbs of H1000. He is a fine fella and a pleasure to do business with!
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    Nightforce NXS 5.5-22x56mm MOAR

    Sold pending funds to marcus2236