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    For Sale Remington 700 SA Stocks

    The camo stock is an adl, with adl bottom metal it should fit
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    For Sale Interarms mark X stock

    doing shop clean up. Interarms (Mauser 98) wood stock. Varmint barrel contour, Softer limbsaver recoils pad. $65 shipped.
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    For Sale Remington 700 SA Stocks

    I have for sale 2 Remington 700 SA factory take off stocks. 1. Brush camo ADL, varmint barrel contour. $35 plus shipping 2. Black SPS BDL, varmint Barrel contour $45 plus shipping.
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    For Sale Remington 700 mag box and follower

    I have two ADL mag boxes and followers one for a SA and one for a LA $35 shipped each obo
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    For Sale Remington SA Bolt Body

    I have for sale a project I never got to. Remington 700 SA bolt body. Ready for a trip to LRI to have bushing and m16 extractor. I bought in current condition, previous owner tried to grind out extractor and broke ejector off in body. Selling as is $70 shipped or best offer.
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    SELLER: Doc88 great seller

    Good communication and prompt shipping , hope to do business again
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    SELLER: Forcedoutage

    Prompt shipping great guy to work with.
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    For Sale Berger Bullets 6.5 156gr EOL and .308 210 VLD

    I’ll take the 156 Berger’s if still available.
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    For Sale Christensen LA MPR Chassis

    I picked this up for my switch barrel, but the lug is just to thick to put In it. Instead if messing it up, thought I would offer up for sale or trade. Christensen Arms LA MPR Chassis, carbon forearm and cheek piece adjustable. Looks like little wear in cheek piece (see pictures) $825 shipped...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 44 x 6.5mm .264 Cal - 109g Absolute Hammer

    I will take these if still available. Please pm me payment info
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    SOLD/EXPIRED LAW Professional 280AI

    I’m pretty sure he conspired with his mom, but I’m ok with it he is very happy and even says I can borrow if I need too.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED LAW Professional 280AI

    Thank you everyone for your interest, and I have received some tremendous offers. However my 12 year old approached me today with his piggy bank open, and offered me a deal I can’t refuse so it’s now sold. Thank you again. Happy Hunting.