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    Thoughts on Lever Action

    I too love the lever guns. I have 2 model 94 AE in 356 win. One to hunt with, one to look at. The looker is a Rocky Mountain Elk Fountain rifle . Also have a RMEF blr in 7 rm. Neither of the RMEF rifles have been fired. I handload for the scoped one. I shoot a nosler partition 225 first and...
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    2019 Colorado muzzleloading

    My wife and i both drew bull tags for muzzleloading season this year. I was hoping for only one tag but we both got them. We hunted in sw Co. Area 71. We hunted in deep every day, 3 to 6 miles on on foot which is a bunch for Iowa flat landers in their 50's. We only saw 6 cows and this 6 x 6. We...
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    Go to 6.5 bullet

    I shoot 6.5 cm, ruger American. 140 sst, h4350, 2650 fps. 5/16 group 100 yds 5 shots. Amazing for a 400 dollar rifle. Cant wait to see it after it broke in
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    Anyone using Ruger American rifles??

    What's the "6.5 creedmoor site" if i can ask?
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    Anyone using Ruger American rifles??

    I have a Ruger American predator in 6.5 Creedmoor. Love the gun!! I put a vortex viper on it. I've been working up handloads with great results. All loads are with H 4350.... 39.5 gr 4350 es of 37fps 2536 avg vel 5/16" with 5 shots 147grSST 41.2 gr 4350 es of 34fps 2563 avg vel 3/4" with 5...

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