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    That Browning is likely throated long. Might have better luck loading long and shooting single shot.
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    Leupold VX6HD 3x-18x-44

    SPF to kelly1278
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    Leupold VX6HD 3x-18x-44

    Pm replied to.
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    Leupold VX6HD 3x-18x-44

    I have a friend who wants to sell his scope. I’ve attached photos below He has sold his rifle that it was mounted to and no longer needs this scope. If you need more info, you can call or text me at the number in one of the photos. I will try to answer any questions. He’d like to get $1200...
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    First time antelope hunt

    Best area to hunt is the Western part of Cimarron county. I’ve killed two out there. Both with T/C Encore specialty pistols (280AI @ 165 yds. and 30-280AI @ 287 yds). My hunts were relatively easy. Antelope are curious animals too. Waving a white t-shirt can draw them it at times. Best to...
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    I need a new rangefinder.

    I have the Vortex Razor HD 4000. Have not yet had a chance to use it on deer. However, I have ranged a cow (bovine) at 1998 yards. Glass is clear. It will compensate for angle but doesn’t have the option of inputting your load into the unit. I believe I got mine for ~$450.
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    308 kicked @$$

    You can if you get electronic ear pro. That’s what I do. Works great.
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    Remington UML whos shooting anything other than sabots ?

    Thanks! Not sure why I didn’t see that a minute ago. I remember seeing that prior ordering my Arrowhead replacement plug.
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    30 Nosler - earlier then expected pressure signs??

    My own 30 Nosler is a cut with a JGS reamer to my specs. Freebore is at 0.170” or so. Using the Berger 210 VLDH bullet, F215gmm primer, ADG brass and H1000, I've went up to 80.0 grains with no pressure signs. I’ve got loads ready to go with more powder in the case to see where I hit pressure...
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    Remington UML whos shooting anything other than sabots ?

    @Tim Sharp can you provide a direct link to the breech plug Hankins supplies for the Remington 700 UML? I looked thru his site and didn’t see one specifically for that ML.
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    Remington UML whos shooting anything other than sabots ?

    What did you find out about why people prefer not to shoot them? I have one that I bought new, converted to to BH209 with an Arrowhead breech plug. I have yet to shoot the gun. I will soon. I plan to shoot sabots.
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    30 Nosler finally came home from vacation.

    Mike, I got one of my XP’s from you. I’ve never shot at Red Castle. it’s the bottom one with the Witt brake in the photo with three XP’s. I changed it up a bit.
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    7 SAUM load data

    I use F210GMM and WLR in my 7 SAUM.
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    Berger close range impact

    Adding this: the 30-338WM load was a Berger 175 VLDH at 2846 fps MV (16.5” bbl Encore handgun). A couple years ago I shot a ~250 lb hog with my 300 RUM at 50 yds. Used the Berger 210 VLDH at 3150 fps MV. Hog dropped at the shot. Like a sack of tators. Shot the hog broadside in the ribs...
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    Encore muzzleloader barrwl

    Kssshooter, boss said he’d ship the barrel for $15.00 Barrel is a new in package T/C camo (hardwoods) 209x50 ML for $319.99 If you’re interested, call Dong’s Guns at 918-834-7989 we will get you taken care of.