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    6mm Competition Match by MCR

    Should work. Been running a 6mm comp match LRI Build for a month and a half. Still perfecting my tune but have fired 100 yd groups in the mid 1's 5 rounds. This concept has me rethinking alot of the barrel burner cartridges too. You just have to accept that you will probably not get the...
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    Usable Magnification

    It just depends on the conditions. Some periods of the day you will use all you got and when that doesnt work dial it down. There is no absolute. All condition dependent.gun)
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    Will your next rifle scope be MOA or MIL? **OLD POLL**

    I prefer MOA for LR Hunting. The hardest thing when sizing up a trophy animal from distance is trying to ascertain the width and height of the animal. I find MOA a more direct less cumbersome method using the scopes hash marks to figure appr. trophy quality. You already have the range...
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    Did I buy the right rings for my rifle? ?

    You did OK. I've doubled them up too. And have ran three on some heavy hitters. They will be GTG though for you and your app. They lap easy too.gun)
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    Nightforce BEAST vs Khales 6-24?

    I think you would be overjoyed with the kahles. Super dependable, accurate, correctly sized dimensions. No downside. The beast is just that. It's heavy big tubed, though a great scope in some applications. Some gen2 kahles on eurooptic for 1950 to 2350 on sale. gun)
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    Scope and rings for 338 lapua

    Forgot about the mounts and rings. For moderately LR to 1500 either a 20 or 30 MOA tapered base. I've been using American Rifle Company Rings lately and am sold on them. Super strong and the easiest to true up your scope mount rotation when mounting.gun)
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    Scope and rings for 338 lapua

    I shoot alot of big boomers. 338 lapua, 330 dakota( a really effective LR heavy hitter you can build on a standard long action) 338 RUM etc. I pay alot of attention to eye relief. Especially on a rifle that's built to LR hunt and not over 12-13 lbs. Almost all of the good scopes like...
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    kahles moa scope who is using it

    I have 3 Kahles K series optics. They all track superbly. The turrets are revolutionary with a really cool auto set zero stop. Parallax is under the top turret. You can run easily right or left handed. Glass as good as any other manufacturer, and the scope finish would probably scratch...
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    Benchmark Barrels group buy!!

    count me in for 338 edge chambering on rem 700 fluted mtu and one of your brakes 1-10 5 grooves. had you guys do two actions last year they are both wonderful shooters, .
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 338 RUM - Redhawk rifle, McMillan, Jewell

    Looks like a signature mcwhorter brake to me.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTB Seb Neo front rest

    Looking for a seb neo front rest.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTT WTS Custom Stiller 338 Lapua With split prices and new trades

    You got my attention. I have a low mile JD Gator 850I. Would consider for whole package super shape. PM if interested.
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    not quite longrange hunter.