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    Sheep build, UL backpacking rifle

    Yep, it takes max dedication, commitment, and knowing one's UL weapon, dope etc. and those distances are possible. Personally, It would be irresponsible of me if I took a 650 yard shot at anything. But my 5lb gun flat out shoots to 250. :)
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    Sheep build, UL backpacking rifle

    We might actually agree in part there, but aside from this site name some of us actually stalk to within 300 yards of our quarry. We don't deal with wounded animals...wasted ammo, deadheads. I realize that there are some skilled distant shooters here, but many are not. I can say that as a...
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    Sheep build, UL backpacking rifle

    He said ultralight, that thing is a beast.
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    Sheep build, UL backpacking rifle

    Respectfully lot of BS here, can be done and reasonably. Check out Luke Moffat's build at the rokslide. He was sub 4 lbs prescope I believe based on an Kimber ascent platform. I'm a lefty or I'd build one. My 5lb forbes does the job too. Hell, my wife's Kimber Montana is 4. 13 Ti bolt knob...
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    Is the 243 the best whitetail deer cartridge?

    Most any cartridge will kill deer including the .243 Daughter shot her first deer with that load (95gn.) solid lung shot. Deer ran 4-500 yards into thick grass and was lost overnight to coyotes. Wouldn't have happened with a bigger round. Decided never again. Not enough shock with that round...
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    Is this a black bear or grizzly

    Yep, that ain't no grizz....
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Pup-will trade!

    My wife and I raised and bred Griffs for about 12 years. We were originally based out of Alaska, and then Idaho: Northstar Griffons. Our dogs are all over the country. Our dam and sire finally succumbed to old age in '16, '17. It's been quiet without a griff these last few years. I may be...
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    Holy cow! (Or sheep)

    Well done! Wonderful write and hunt.
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    Hornady .308 ammo Superformance

    lol! PT Barnum lives!
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    Hornady .308 ammo Superformance

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    Actual miles hiked?

    Have done that as well, tough hunt. The switchbacks up were 3 miles alone. Lack of water, 95* temps, lack of sheep. Tough country. As ex-Alaskans, my wife and I have done 60+mile mountain hunts, several of them. They were all painful, brutal experiences but there is something about the...
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    When life gets tough, there is hope

    Heart breaks for you, Mram. No man should have to endure that. I lost my wife as a young man as well, she battled cancer through the birth of our second child and she succumbed shortly thereafter. I'm also in Idaho if I can do anything for you. I can sympathize. God bless you and yours...
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    LH Rem 700 short action stock, McMillan, Manners, Brown, etc.

    Looking for a lefty SA 700 stock....Micky, Manners, Brown, etc. PM with what you might have, and thanks.
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    Has the 30-06 died along with the .308 ???

    Love my .308, wife loves heres too! Dead, my ***...