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    Semi custom 6.5 PRC

    How'd those 20 rounds group? Factory ammo?
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    Building off of a savage action

    What stock is that? Have a 110 in 270 that I want to turn into a 6.5 prc. Really want a better stock, honestly only thing holding me back.
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    6.5 prc to 28 nosler

    Live in Maryland so a can is basically impossible without a lot of paperwork and extensive background, so I'm told. Think 6.5 will be the ticket. And when the 300RUM needs rebarreling look at the 30prc or 30nosler.
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    6.5 prc to 28 nosler

    How's the recoil compare?
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    6.5 prc to 28 nosler

    True on the 1200 thing, guess if time ever permits. So probably just 700 or so. Thanks for the reply
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    6.5 prc to 28 nosler

    Rebarreling a savage 110 with a proof barrel and was going 6.5 prc but now thinking 28 nosler. Dont sure why though!! Main goal is flattest trajectory to 700 yards, and when more confident out to 1200 if distance allows. Mainly deer hunting hopefully elk one day. Do not plan on reloading and...
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    Thoughts on 264WM vs 6.5 PRC for new rifle build/buy?

    If I may add something to the conversation, which would you choose for 22-24 inch barrel??
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    Custom 28 Nosler

    Interested in barreled action price
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    Christensen Mesa LR

    Great deal wish it was a 6.5
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    Savage 220

    I found mind on armslist.
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    Custom 28 Nosler

    Interested in selling barreled action?
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    Tikka T3x or Bergara B-14 in 6.5 CM

    Which would be suggested to buy for the use of rebarreling and upgrading to stock? Just wondering if I can pick up a used one a decent price and have a quality trigger an action to start with would be better than buying a 700 action and have to upgrade extractor and trigger.
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    Savage 6.5 prefit

    Will it work on a 110? Long or short shank?
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    Need a stock recommendation

    What are some stock companies that aren't so well known?