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    Eland Hunting Namibia

    Good day So I went hunting on my cousins farm, after 3 years I got my Eland. What a beast and what a shame we don't get that Nosler Accubond 180gr with the white tipe anymore. Dhot it wit a 300 win mag 180 gr Accubond.
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    6.5 Creedmoor reloading data

    Good day guys Just want to ask if anyone has loaded bullets by using Reloader 15 and if you can help me with a starting load and max load please? I’m shooting with 140 grain Berger and 143 grain ELD-X from Hornady. I tried with RL-17 and get great speeds but struggles with a grouping. Because...
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    Which bullet to choose?

    Good day everyone Sorry but I’m looking for advice once again. Well we are still in the Covid-19 virus and still shipment is slow. So for the last year or 2 we don’t really get Nosler Accubond 180gr and my 300 Win Mag just love that bullet. So I want to find out from the guys that reload 300’s...
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    6.5 Creedmoor: Maximum Lethal Range for Whitetail

    Well, I have the same 6.5 Tikka, this year I hunted also with both the LR Accubond 129 grain as well as the ELD-X 143 grain. with both I shot an oryx, with the Accubond it was a 350m shot and it was just behind the shoulder and I had to walk a couple of kilometers before I found him and placed...
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    Hornady ELD-X 143gr or Berger Ellite Hunter 140gr

    Good day First thanks to all with the comments on the 375, it helped alot. Now another question. I want to know between Hornady ELD-X 143 gr or Berger Ellite hunter 140gr which one do you guys think is better for hunting en performs better? This will be for the 6.5 Creedmoor. Thank you
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    375 H&H or 375 Ruger

    T Thanks Bruce.... You just made my life easier...
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    375 H&H or 375 Ruger

    Good day everyone.... I want to buy a 375 because I always wanted one but now you get 2 different types, the H&H and Ruger. I struggle to pick one but hope someone can give me some info and which one will be beter for hunting buffelo in Africa. Please guys I need some help. Thanks
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    Good day

    Thank you So lately we are running low on bullets in Namibia and I need something new for my 300 Win Mag. Currently I’m shooting Nosler 180gr ballistic and now when are struggling to get it from the States. So I decided to change and I’m looking at the ELD-X 200gr or Berger VLD 210gr. But the...
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    Good day

    Good day everyone, I’m new and I’m from Namibia, south part of Africa. I like hunting but I mostly do it for meat and the cal I’m using is the 6.5 Creedmoor Ruger 25-06, 300 win mag and 308 Mauser. I do have some questions and hope to find some answers.