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    New vortex 4.5-22x50 razor hd lht

    Zero problems with two of mine. One on a 7 lb 27 Nosler and one on a 8 1/2 lb 28 Nosler. Both with brakes.
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    New vortex 4.5-22x50 razor hd lht

    Really? This thing hasn’t even hit the market yet and you know where it is made and what is inside?
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    Best vortex razor UHD tripod Adapter

    Vortex makes a new one. Pro Binocular adapter, I have one for my UHD's. Outdoorsman's makes one as well.
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    Check out US made steel. their pro series stuff is great.
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    Lightweight Elk Rifle Build

    The LHT is a great choice for your project. I have two now and am very pleased for the 1000 price. 18 ounces, clear glass and great locking zero stop elevation turret. I have one on a 28 Nosler. Tally one piece ring base combo for mounts. Can dial to a little over 1000 yds. It is my backcountry...
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    Wrong Ammo

    About 10 years ago, as a Springfield Armory rep, I had Rob Leatham do a demo at an indoor range. Had a big crowd watching him do his thing when one of his guns quit running. Robby gave me a wink, ejected a 9mm round out of his XD .40 S&W and kept right on shooting. Of course I had been loading...
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    Montana Rifle Company

    Still belly up to my knowledge. Too bad, I have a couple of them and like them. Lot's of QC problems at the end. The founders son is now working for Nosler.
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    Nightforce SHV 3.5-10X42-vs-Vortex Razor HD LHT 3-15x42 MOA

    The Razor LHT is a great scope for your needs. I have two of them mounted on rifles now and really like them them. I'm just a hunter, don't spend much time really trying to go long but I do dial past 400 yds. I think the elevation turret is great and the zero stop is super easy to set. One of...
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    Scope recomendation

    I have two of the LHT Razor 3-15x42 scopes. Best 1k scope I have found for what I do.
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    Long Range LIGHTWEIGHT Hunting scope that won't break the bank

    Yes, sorry, I have the newer 5-25x56 Strike Eagle. Still in your price range.
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    Long Range LIGHTWEIGHT Hunting scope that won't break the bank

    I have two of the SE-1627 scopes. One on a .300WM and one I haven't mounted yet. They seem to be great, especially for the money. Zero stop locking turrets, good glass I haven't seen anything remotely close for the price.
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    Vortex vs Meopta

    I wouldn't put either of the scopes mentioned above on a hunting rifle. They are great scopes but too heavy for hunting purposes IMHO. Vortex RZR LHT 3-15x42 is only 18oz.
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    28 nosler ammo

    Nosler Trophy Grade 160 Accubond.
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    Vortex LHT

    I have two. Great scopes.
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    Vortex Strike Eagle 5-25x56 failure

    Yeah, I'd have a hard time thinking you got 3 bad scopes in a row. I know if you're putting more than 18in/lbs of torque you will have problems.