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    Why suppressors?

    I hate to ask... Are you referring to video games? I'm out of touch with modern games, I reflexively think of video games as requiring a trip to town and a quarter. I am so old that I can remember when I wasn't behind the times.
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    Why suppressors?

    Formerly, the "company BBQ" would have included anything up to shooting a .50 BMG rifle... Nope, can't afford THAT suppressor yet. Got cans for .22 rimfire, .45 pistol and .30 cal rifles up to 300 win mag. Need to get a 6.5mm can next and thread the 6.5-284. Out state doesn't let us HUNT with a...
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    Why suppressors?

    People who live next to airports still try and put political pressure on the airport to abate noise. Happens all the time. My neighbors just need to drop a match on a dry windy day while we are not on site in order to not have our business next door to them any more (that, and replace some...
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    Why suppressors?

    The range runs for 300 yards along our property line, mostly screened from sight by the mound of picked out field stones overgrown with field edge bushes and saplings. Unless range is active (noisy!) or they were shooters, it would be unlikely someone would notice and figure out what the berm...
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    Why suppressors?

    In addition to all the other factors mentioned, it helps keep the (non shooting) neighbors near your range from being quite as irritated by your range noise- This is why suppressors are ENCOURAGED in some other countries. The ownership and use of the neighboring property running alongside our...
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    Closer to the bears than I am fully comfortable with...

    Closer to the bears than I am fully comfortable with...
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    Savage 111 LRH 6.5-284 Loading Questions

    It has been 2 years since I posted to this thread... Killed 3 more deer with the bargain basement Savage 111 6.5-284 since then, and this fall we extended our range out to 300 yards. Taking advantage of several bitter weeks with almost no snow on the ground and regularly -15 F or colder nights...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTB/WTT 6.5 caliber

    Savage 111 in 6.5-284 NORMA. I have put about 80 rounds, all hand loads through it, 3 at a group with plenty of cooling time between groups & cleaning bore at least every 20 rounds. The previous owner fired 60 rounds (I got all his empty brass, reload notes, dies, etc.).
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    SOLD/EXPIRED LNIB Trijicon Accupoint TR23-2G 5-20x50mm Scope

    Reason it happens, it's reasonably cheap and easy to etch a new reticle patern- But quite a bit harder to make up a new adjustment mechanism, if there is not already a .1 mil version available.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED LNIB Trijicon Accupoint TR23-2G 5-20x50mm Scope

    Looking at the information online for this scope, TR23-2G. Got a question. It has a mil dot reticle, but has 1/4 MOA per click turrets, rather than .1mil per click?
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Leupold VX-R 3x9x40 illuminated

    Which reticle, or Leupold's model #?
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Trijicon Accupoint 5x20x50 30mm

    How old, that is, how much life left on the Tritium illuminator?
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTB: CZ 550 30mm Rings (19mm Dovetail)

    New to me CZ 550 American in 6.5x55, came with 1" CZ rings. I prefer a 30mm scope. I have liked Warne rings in the past- Any brand considered, though. Fixed or QR, not a big factor, the rifle has no irons. Medium or high. Trade for (what do YOU need/want?) Or cash. I have on hand a pretty broad...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Ruger Custom 6.5x284

    What were the load/projectile/OAL's used on groups shown, I assume 3 shots at 100 yard? 1X neck sized brass or virgin... Can you easily remove that brake, what is barrel threaded at? I have not felt the need for a muzzle brake yet with 6.5-284, and my present Savage long action rig weighs about...