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    California - Copper

    I did the same thing in my 6.5x47. Probably not as clean as it should if been. Switched from 130 Accubond to 124 HH. Shoots excellent.
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    6.5 Sherman

    N570 with a 140 Berger got me 3339 FPS out of a 28” Hart.
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    Hunting stock recommendations. HELP!!!!

    Wildcat composite is another option. They do make a spotter and a vertical grip style stock. Very light weight.
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    Options to rebarrel 30-06

    Another vote for the 6.5 Sherman. 140’s at 3339 FPS out of a 28” barrel.
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    California - Copper

    The 124 HH is great out of my 6.5x47. Load development consisted of eight shots. Very accurate and on game performance has been incredible.
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    25-06 Harvest Thread

    In my 25-06AI H1000 gave me the best results.
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    25-06 Harvest Thread

    My 25-06AI with a 26” Krieger drove the 115 Berger at 3350 FPS. Was a fun gun to shoot and took lots of deer out to 500 yds. Barrel was toast this year so for something different I rebarrel to 25-284 with a 1-7.25” Helix 6.
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    Optimum bullet weight 8” twist 264?

    I believe Matrix is shipping to the U.S. now. I think Berger is making those bullets Lance listed. But better wait till someone confirms that.
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    Optimum bullet weight 8” twist 264?

    I’m not a competitive shooter but you could try the 156 Berger or the 160 Matrix.
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    Thanks Lance. Those look they’d open up. My 25-284 should ship in a week then if I have time I can begin testing.
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    Jim Borden 338 Ultra Mag

    Looks identical to my 6.5 Sherman that Borden built for me. Someone is going to get a beautiful rifle here. Meredith does incredible stock work. Did mine to. Best of luck with the sale and a free bump.
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    Be interesting to see what Berger comes out with, that’s for sure. I thought that by the fall of 2018 BJ was suppose to release the hunting version. I’ve got 500 of the 131 gr ready to try, but the tips sure aren’t open a lot. Kind of worried that they won’t expand.
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    22 creed brake?

    I put a three port MBM on my 22” Dasher. Works and looks great. Great customer service and went out of his way to help me out. On another note. How do you like the Helix 6 barrel? Got a 25-284 built with one that is just finished. Anxious to try it out.
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    Barnes LRX in .270 & 6.5

    Reach out to Hammer Bullets as they are shipping internationally now.

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