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    Not very scientific but I read this and other sites for folks using the same barrel length, etc. and check the speeds they are shooting the same weight bullet. It seems to prove out that within 50-75 FPS or so I can find a node in that vicinity that shoots consistently well. Then I begin...
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    My understanding is that the purpose of the Satterlee is to locate a velocity at which one can achieve the lowest ES/SD loads. I used to begin all my load workups with the Satterlee and found one very important factor: You can find an excellent velocity node inside a bad harmonic (speed) which...
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    New Elk Hunting Opportunity

    That sounds like me! Thanks I will check it out!
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    New Elk Hunting Opportunity

    I’m looking more for DIY - though I could do a guided hunt in right circumstances. I’m kind of a loner when I’m hunting, which is why I hunt the Bitterroots. 250 miles of wilderness will be hard to trade in! LOL! thanks!
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    New Elk Hunting Opportunity

    Hey guys I’m 62 years old and have been hunting Idaho bitterroot wilderness for the last nine years. These are do it yourself hunts in a wilderness area either backpacking in for two days or horsepacking for several more. Hunting this rough country is what got me into long range shooting! i’m...
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    Coyotes won’t come in on a call

    We’ve called them in by hand from over 1000 yards on a still night. I’ve seen coyotes sleeping on top of round bales of hay. They like to be able to see a long way off (most predators do), so plenty of cover on your approach is one key.
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    New ELR Record, Have You Seen This?

    Funny! Just 4 years ago 300 yards was a long way for me, now 600 is a chip shot and and I'm extremely confident at 1200. Just goes to show - Everything is relative........
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    Shooting long range help

    When I first joined this group I was in load development and got hammered for my 100 yard 1 hole groups. They all had stories that some rounds can shoot sub 1/2 MOA at 100, and then begin opening up at 300-400 so that at 600 you are better than 1MOA. (Not my experience, but those regarded as...
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    Shooting long range help

    Load tests at 100 are not reliable. Load some more and shoot groups at 300
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    First elk hunt. Leaning toward Tikka

    My 42 year old 7mag loves the 168 Nosler Accubond LR. (0.5 MOA at 600 yards) and packs enough punch to DRT elk at that range. (Although my longest elk kill with it has been 400 yards.)
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    Lead poisoning from eating game shot with lead core bullets?

    My children grew up with a diet almost exclusively of venison & some game birds. Heck, they didn't eat a beef steak until they were in Jr. High! We butcher all our own deer & elk so we know that the "blood shot" meat is not very good so we threw it out! I guess that's why we never had any...
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    Side Arm for Grizzly Country

    I used to load 158 grains for my 357. The ballistics were awesome. That would be my selection
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    What age do you think kids should start shooting?

    My 3 kids and now 12 grandchildren all follow the same protocol. From the day they are born they are all at the ranch opening weekend of deer season enjoying our family tradition passed down for generations. At 6 years old I buy them their first BB gun for educational purposes. As maturity...
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    210 Accubond LR

    Would you mind sharing load data? Specifically I’m wondering FPS. Powder & charge weight only if you want to. I’m about to do another test at faster speeds. The first node I found with RL25 at 3050 was not reliable, gonna switch to H1000 and aiming for 3150-3200.
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    Over Pressure

    Just started loading for my 300 RUM and I'm finding the same thing with the 210 ABLRs. I shoot the 168 ABLRs in my 7 mag and it likes them at .120 jump & sub MOA out to 600. Backing off a bit may bring the pressures down, and it does not seem to hurt accuracy.

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