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    What is your best deer rifle

    Where I live an 80 yard shot is long because of the trees. I use a Marlin Levergun in 30-30 for deer. If there are bears around I will switch to the 45-70 Martin instead. I gave my 30-06 hunting rifle to my son because I never used it.
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    looking for recommendations powder for 30.06

    IMO 4064, 4895 and Varget will work well. Also IMO, 4350 will work the best. For bolt action rifles and hunting ammo I use mostly H4350 and a 165/168gr bullet for the 30-06. When combined with a CCI-200 primer accuracy is impressive in all the 30-06 rifles I own and shoot.
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    how do you manage you're brass.....

    Mostly 3lb coffee cans w/covers.
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    New powder for 30/30

    I also like LVR for the 30-30 but one thing, the LVR on the shelf isn't the same for all Leverevolution ammo. The one of the shelf is the same as the one in the 30-30 ammo but for all the other cartridges the powders are custom blended.
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    Which dies for a 6.5 Creedmoor?

    I have use RCBS, Lee and Hornady dies and a set I can't remember the name of right now. To tell you the truth I really can't tell you which produces more accurate ammo, all do a good job. Right now I'm using Lee dies for handgun ammo and RCBS dies for rifle ammo but I did just order Hornady...
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    Looking for a 6.5 cartridge

    If I were building a 6.5mm rifle it would be either a .260 Rem or 6.5-06. Since good quality .260 brass is less available than 25-06 brass which can easily be formed into 6.5-06 brass I would probably go with the 6.5-06. Then again, short actions are supposed to be more accurate than longer...
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    Mid range rifle suggestion

    When I was looking for a small game rifle I considered all the smaller cartridges but settled on the .223 Rem for availability of reloading components, especially brass. I bought a used Howa 1500 and put a 4-16X40 Burris scope on top.
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    Which dies are the best?

    I agree Forster makes one of the best, if not the best micrometer seating die in the business. The cost is ~$70 but that's below those made by Redding or RCBS. Forster Ultra Micrometer Seater Die 7mm STW If you don't feel the need for a micrometer seating die Forster also makes a Benchrest...
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    federal factory ammo powder 3006

    Most powders used by the factory to load ammo are not commercial powders. They tell the manufacturer what they are looking for and the plant custom blends the powders to meet the requirements set by the ammo factory. I read a while back where someone took apart some Speer 40 S&W ammo from two...
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    Savage .338 Lapua problems

    Is your OAL longer than the factory ammo? Is the bullet hitting or close to the rifling? I looked on the Berger bullet site and their load data lists a MAX charge for their 300gr bullet with Retumbo at 89.5gr. Berger lists a COAL of 3.681" for those loads. According to the article I read in the...
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    30-06 load make up help

    I would not go with a 190gr bullet in the 30-06, you lose too much velocity and since you said you will be shooting at distances over 500 yards you are going to want good velocity to insure proper bullet expansion. From most rifles a 180gr Nosler Partition with a charge of 57.0gr of IMR4350 or...
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    Imr 4895

    While not exactly the same as IMR4895 you can use H4895 if you can find some. I actually like H4895 a little better than the IMR version. You can also use AA2495 which Accurate developed to mimic the pressure curve of IMR4895. It's also very close to IMR4895. Then there is AA2520 which is the...
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    38 special loads

    My favorite .38 Special load is a 158gr LSWC over 4.0gr W231. If you like wadcutters better these are the 2 loads I use. A 148gr DEWC over 3.4gr W231 A 148gr HBWC over 3.2gr W231
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    Speer Deep Curl

    I see nothing on the Speer site about the Deep Curl bullets being discontinued. Speer Bullets - DeepCurl You can always call them and ask: 866-286-7436
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    My Daughter shot in her first match

    Our sport of shooting can only survive if the young ones participate. You have gone a long way in keeping our love of shooting alive! NOTHING can replace the smile on your daughter's face, well done Sir! You do realize you better will all the 1st place metals as you can now because soon she...