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    Fierce Fury or Nosler 48 Western

    My first 1/2 moa rifle was a Nosler 48. No experience w Fierce
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    New toy

    Nice. How do you like the VX5HD? Just ordered one
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    300 rum 24” barrel

    I recently bought custom Rem 700 300 RUM w 22" Kreiger barrel that the local gunshops gunsmith had built. I was worried about velocity, but is was too good a deal to pass on. I haven't run it through a chono but it's sighted in 3" high at 100, and it's 16" low at 400 with Nosler Trophy Grade...
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    New member with ?

    Hello all. New member from SD, lurked here for a while. Recently picked up a Rem 700 in 300 RUM that had been blue printed, bedded into an HS Precision stock, wearing a threaded Krieger stainless match barrel (bright and shiny bore), and 5 mags. The kicker is that the barrel is only 22"...