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    LRH Member lost all in Fire. Any help for him is appreciated.

    Thanks guys, we all have a lot to be thankful for. One of the things I have is my friendship with DogDinger. I wish you all the same kind of friends. Thanks again, AJ
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    LRH Member lost all in Fire. Any help for him is appreciated.

    Thanks Len, A quick search of the items he's purchased here on the site. And knowing they are all ashes and he is starting over really makes me thankful for what I have. Thanks again, AJ
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    LRH Member lost all in Fire. Any help for him is appreciated.

    All, About a month ago DogDinger lost nearly everything when his trailer burned. I know he's helped a number of members here (including me) and has shared a wealth of information. He is never too busy to help anyone he can. I've seen him help homeless folks and others in need, just because...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED SPF 338 Allen Magnum, NightForce NXS complete setup

    Sold Pending Funds, the Allen will be eating again next fall! AJ
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 338 Allen Mag

    oops, wrong thread
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    SOLD/EXPIRED SPF 338 Allen Magnum, NightForce NXS complete setup

    338 Allen Magnum (complete setup ready to roll). $6500 + shipping... Kirby built this rifle a few years ago and it has been an absolute joy to own. I've taken it on 5 hunts and it's 5 for 5. I've shot it out to 1500+ Yards and it is absolutely unbelievable. It has around 250 rounds down the...
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    Thinking about 2010 F150 4.6L, thoughts?

    Guys, We are thinking about trading my wifes very tired Excursion off on a used F150 with the 4.6L/6speed auto. 4x4 SuperCrew XLT. We drove it and it is very nice. I read some bad reviews about the pre-2008 4.6L, but this one has the 3 valve and from what I've read, the bugs were...
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    Savage 110 Worthiness??

    +1 the thoughts above. Make sure to have the seller measure the action screw spacing, so you can make sure your choice of aftermarket stock is available. +1 on an aftermarket lug AND aftermarket barrel nut. (I use Savage Shooters Supply parts). Also, you can get an aftermarket trigger...
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    Measuring Devices

    Digital RCBS Chargemaster (I'd never go back to mechanical). Starrett Digital Calipers for 6" and less, 24" Vernier caliper for anything longer than 6", a set of Mitutoyo Micrometers for things that require really really close measurements. The nice thing about the digital calipers, is the...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Good .223 setup under 800 bucks??

    First of all, Welcome to the site. A 223 is a good cartridge for the reasons you mentioned. Are you looking for a 'very accurate' bolt type rifle, or an AR platform? Do you have a scope you can use for the time being? Again, welcome to the site, there is a wealth of information on this...
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    first post.... Rifle build questions

    Get you a chunk of metal and set it up out at 600yds or so. Burn some powder in that 338 and have some fun. I bet your current rifle will surprise you. Then, build you another rifle, or two! Shooting Long Range is about having fun, if 600yds is too easy, back it off a couple. Things start...
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    Need A Gift For A Reloader

    Great, let us know how he likes it. And how YOU like it. Merry Christmas, AJ
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    Need A Gift For A Reloader

    The funnel kit from Frankfort arsenal (available at Midway) is really good and will fit all the cartridges. The hand primer is definitely an awesome gift though. AJ
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    Need A Gift For A Reloader

    For high volume pistol priming, I'd get the LEE hand prime and the kit with all the shell holders (they are different than used in a press). I've used a number of different hand primers, and for the $30-$40 you'll spend for the primer and holders, it is a steal and he will greatly appreciate it...
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    Need A Gift For A Reloader

    Kinda depends on what type of cartridges you load. Rifle, pistol, high volume, very precise bench rest type loads etc. etc. 1) If he is Computer literate, the Quickload program is awesome for checking out different powder, bullet combinations. 2) How do you prime your cases? Use a...