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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTT Savage Small Shank Barrels

    I have 3 blued small shank*factory take-offs: 30-06 7 Rem Mag 300 Win Mag All are standard factory taper (sporter/magnum) and length. ('06 is 22", pretty sure the magnums are 24; I can check if you want) None are new, all have handling marks and minor nicks/scratches but nothing bad...
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    Best Bigbore brake

    Getting started with a 338WM. First big bore (>300 mag) for me. What brake do I want? I am a value guy (ie cheap Scotsman) shooting a 20" bbl Savage hog hunter to be used mostly in the field, if that matters. Thanks.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTS/WTT: 7mm Rem Mag Shilen Savage Barrel, Brass, Dies

    Because 2 guns are always better than 1, I am getting out of 7 Rem Mag and into 280AI and 338WM. So I am looking to sell or trade the following: 7mm Rem Mag Shilen Stainless Match small shank Savage barrel. 26", 9 twist, Shilen light varmit profile (.82 at muzzle) recessed crown 62 rounds...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED FS: 7 Rem Mag Brass

    Bump. $.60 each or $175 for all of them.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED FS: 7 Rem Mag Brass

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    SOLD/EXPIRED FS: 7 Rem Mag Brass

    363 pieces mixed HS 7mm Rem Mag Brass. 302 1x fired. 61 2x fired. Over 2/3 is Win. Rest is FC and a few PPU. $.65 each shipped or all for $200 shipped.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Last of the brass

    I will take 1000 45 acp for $50 shipped. Pls pm payment info.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Big brass sale

    I will take 2k 9mm for $50 shipped. pm inbound.
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    harrington/richardson-nef handi rifle?

    The nef/h&rs are getting a bad rap here but they're good for what they are - cheap single shot switchbarrels. They are finicky but you can usually get them to shoot pretty good (under an inch for sure) with some patience. T/Cs are better made for sure but more expensive. My TC is as finicky...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTS 25cal. bullets and brass

    I'll take the SMKs.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTS Savage BVSS 22-250 Barrel

    223 Barrel is now sold as well.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTS Savage BVSS 22-250 Barrel

    Second time I've been asked about twist. I believe it's a 9 because it shoots 55s well and because I don't think Savage ever made anything slower than a 9 in 223. I will see if I can measure tonight. Also - full disclosure, I bought this as part of a complete rifle without asking about...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTS Savage BVSS 22-250 Barrel

    Whatcha got? Can't think of anything I'm dying for right now but happy to hear offers.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTS Savage BVSS 22-250 Barrel

    22-250 barrel is sold. The. 223 small shank (also .82 at muzzle, but this one is blued, not fluted, $115 shipped) is still available.
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    7 Rem Mag Load Ideas

    I would love to be confident at 600. Beyond that, I think rangefinding and wind will get me even if the gun and I do our part. Thanks for the ideas. Keep em coming.