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    Proud Dad!!

    I understand your envy, my Dad passed when I was young. I had to learn a lot on my own and hunted almost exclusively solo for 30 years. I am so very lucky to have my Boy as my hunting partner! He has taken many Turkeys, 4 Blacktail bucks, many varmmits and loves to catch fish. He also took...
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    Proud Dad!!

    Thanks to all for the positive praise, I had my Boy read this post and comments and he simply looked at me and said "thanks Pa, I love you." That for me is priceless!! Also worth the pack out. We rough taped the buck at the Taxidermist yesterday and he has 39 inches of mass and rough scored...
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    Montana Archery Moose

    That is a Awesome Bull and a beautiful smile! congratulations on a great hunt and a freezer full of meat. Job well done!
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    Proud Dad!!

    B zone, true Columbian Blacktail! I will see if I can find a pic with his large smile.
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    Proud Dad!!

    My Boy Hammered this big Blacktail buck this weekend with his new custom rifle. Shot was 385 yards shooting a custom trued Rem 700 280 AI put together by Karl Feldcamp at Kamfeld Customs. We loaded up 143 Hammer Hunters with RL 23 at 3133 fps for the kid and the performance of the bullet was...
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    .280 AI load data request

    Nosler Brass Fed GM210M RL 23 143 Hammer Hunter 3130 fps 23 inch Batrlein barrel 8.7 twist If you can find some RL 23 I would give a try. cheers, Jason
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    Real Hunters?

    My Dad used to say "I see a lot of people fishing but very few fisherman". I suppose that could be true for hunters as well. I met a group of archers years ago shooting archery tournaments they were called the Montana Bowzmen. They shot traditional bows and wore furs and deer skins around the...
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    Problem with my rangefinder. Could use some help or suggestions

    I love my Leica 1000R! It has proven itself as a stand alone rangefinder with angle comp from 10 to 600 yards. Easily ranges to 1000 plus even in harsh conditions. My favorite archery rangefinder by far! I also pack this as a backup to my G7BR2 rifle season because it has been so reliable...
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    Testing the Mark 5

    Man I would love to fondle one in person, I have been looking at that scope(and the Kahles) for my new 300 PRC but it currently wears an NXS 5.5-22x50 so Its really a want and not a need. How is the reticle at 5 power? It looks a tad thin in the pics, also is the illumination center dot only...
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    Need some advice....

    All great advise above for sure. I think it could simply be body position or bipod preload. Could be both. I would repeat the test again and focus on dry firing that should show the reticle moving toward the impact shift. I have no experience with Atlas bipods but I run Harris S series and...
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    6.5x284 124 HH load data

    Lapua brass fed 210M 124 HH (3.100 coal) 53.5 grn RL 16 @ a corrected velocity of 3197 fps. If I remember right I hit pressure at 54.5 grns so work up with caution. Also my rifle is 24" tube. Hope this helps Jason
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    Rem 700 BDL 300 RUM Muzzel Brake

    I have a Holland QD on a 300 RUM factory barrel it works awesome! bigger than barrel profile but tapers down to match. Also have a couple APA little bastards that work great. Gunsmith install required. cheers, Jason
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    Problem with my rangefinder. Could use some help or suggestions

    First off yes smoke will limit your ranging for sure, I live and hunt in Northern Ca I know this all to well. I have a few Leica rangefinders including the 1600B and most have been very reliable. I love my 1000R for bowhunting and have had if for years, also have an older LRF box 1200 that...
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    Looking for comments on Leupold Impact-29 reticle

    So that reticle in SFP is only accurate at 3 magnification levels; minimum, middle and maximum. That will take some math on your part. I have that reticle and have had some great success both hunting and targets, targets out to 1550 yards! I have also had good luck ranging with that reticle...
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    NF NX8 vs Leupold VX6

    Sorry fellas I thought my post sent out this morning, Just got home from work and fired up and there she goes. Always late to the party but best of luck and best wishes to all!! Jason