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    28 Nosler best powder

    I have not tried the 168’s though considered them a few times. Was able to put together some pretty good stuff with the 175’s. Sub 1/2 MOA groups, hits on steel past a mile, and fantastic performance on pronghorn and deer from 150-430 yards. There was just too little to gain from spending the...
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    28 Nosler best powder

    I want to chime in on this one too. I’ve gone through a lot of the 175 NABLR’s and I too would recommend weight sorting, but I more importantly check and sort by bearing surfaces or base to ogive and overall length. Especially if using more than one lot number of bullet, or anytime you buy new...
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    28 Nosler best powder

    No experience with the 28 Nosler but having used RL22, Retumbo, IMR 7977, and IMR 8133 developing loads for a 7RM and the 175 NABLR over the last few years, my first choice would be IMR 8133. Though all powders were able to generate good accuracy and velocity, my favorite has been the 8133...
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    28 nosler ladder test

    79.8 or 80.4 appear to be the middle of two fairly flat node areas. I will suggest running the test a couple more times. One data set can be deceiving. If I had to pick one based off of this I’d say 79.9.
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    Huge poi shift and bore sight oddity

    Sounds kinda wild. With a lateral poi shift like that I would first check stock/barrel clearance. Could there be contact between them? That seems like a likely suspect especially considering the shift after a bullet change. Also would check every torqued and threaded component including the...
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    Help with ladder test

    Ok, so it seems as though this thread got a little hostile but in the mix a few people have mentioned that what you performed was a “Saterlee Test”. Not the same as a “Ladder Test”. They are very similar in concept just skinning the cat in a different way. One can make an pro/con argument for...
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    Berger Hunter Hybrid vs. Nosler ABLR

    That’s a cool idea. I might have to try that cardboard trap. Should make for some fun phone pics if nothing else. I’ve got access to a whole bunch of cardboard scraps.
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    Berger Hunter Hybrid vs. Nosler ABLR

    Yes you’re right about the game. Really looking at something focusing on elk and moose sized and I agree about the bullet performance vs one hole groups. I’m expecting to be able to build sub MOA accuracy out of either bullet with this build regardless. Just a little unsure which way you’d be...
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    270win loads

    Can’t help a lot with the varmint load. I’ve loaded for my dads 270 but mostly deer sized game loads. Did put some Hornady Vmax loads together for him with reasonable groups but l did little load development. I’ve done extensive loading with the Nosler Accubond LR 150’s with several powders. Big...
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    Berger Hunter Hybrid vs. Nosler ABLR

    I’m looking into a new build in 338. Thinking a 338 LM Improved type of chambering. The thought has been to build around the Berger 300 gr. Hybrid Hunter but recently I discovered that Nosler is bringing a new 300 gr. Accubond LR offering to market for the 338. They don’t have any specs...
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    Hunting with a possible marginal stability bullet

    I’ve shot a 7mm 175 Nosler Accubond LR through a 9.5 twist, which is marginally stable via the Berger calculator, for several years without issue. I’ve taken deer and antelope out to 400 in temps from single digits to mid 80’s with no issues, and steel out past a mile. I feel like you’ll be safe...
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    Two Distinct Velocity Groups Today...?

    Yep! That’s super frustrating. I’ve seen it and the obvious solution is to load all of them at the same time. One reason I’ve read or been told that explains the phenomenon has to do with how soon after resizing you load and seat bullets. The theory goes that after a few days the brass gets a...
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    Help a Gal new to reloading and LR shooting

    Plenty others have already posted enough good suggestions for equipment so I won’t pile on there. My advice, and several have already stated it, is I recommend getting to know someone local who can walk you through the basic steps at least. Another way to watch, and this may sound controversial...
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    MT Elk Opener

    That’s a great hunt! Big congrats. So many of the discussions on the forum are centered around bullets and calibers etc. to the point it kind of ends up as a reloaders forum. It’s natural because long range hunting does require a lot of attention to detail in regards to making those kind of...
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    Very strange ladder tests

    Oofta! These are some muddy waters kind of results. Frustrating I’m sure. Several things come to mind here: 1) chronograph error. Could the Magneto Speed have been or wiggled a little loose or just setup too close or far from the bore? 2) Bearing surface variations. Did you sort bullets for...