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    Leupold Vari-X III 8.5-25x50mm LR Target

    I will take it
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    Primers, Powder, Brass, Giraud, Redding, RCBS & Much More!!!

    Received dies and lock rings. Thanks Victor Reyes
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    Primers, Powder, Brass, Giraud, Redding, RCBS & Much More!!!

    I will take Redding 308 Type S FL die and a set of 6 Hornady lock rings. Thanks Victor Reyes
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    HS Precision Bolt Threading

    I would like to know of a good gunsmith that someone could recommend to thread a bolt knob for a HS Precision handle. I gave had it done on several Remington 700, but knowing this is a HS Precision that knob is really small and I wouldn't want to have a messed up job on a pricey item I wouldn't...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED F.S. HS Precision VAR 223

    What is you location. Thanks Victor
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Rem 700 223

    What kind of BIPOD is it. Is it swivel and what length. Are you willing to sale. Thanks Vic.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED FS Blaser R8 Leather success 270 WSM semi fluted**BACK UP FOR SALE**

    Re: FS Blaser R8 Leather success 270 WSM semi fluted PM sent
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    Frustrating build

    I had somewhat of a problem with a Custom Build. Rem 700 with a 1-8 Broughton Barrel 243 Win .269 TN. Tried a couple of handloads and it just would group. 2-3" groups at 100 yards. Long Story short the problem was MIRAGE WAVES moving the target. I would go and test groups in the morning when...
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    Tubbs Speedlock ?

    Just buy it from Pacific Tool and Gauge.
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    Bullet scuff marks

    Either its my eyes or something else. But I see a bulge in your neck. You might want to resize the whole neck or your bushing is to tight. Maybe someone else has an explanation to it. Is your bushing floating in the die. If its not that might be causing the bulge on the case.
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    ? On my new neck bushing dies

    You need to actually make yourself a dummy round with the brass and bullet combination you are going to use. Measure the outside diameter of the neck with the bullet inserted into the brass. Subtract .001 or .002 of the reading of the caliper and order our bushings. That's how I do it.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTB Remington Model Seven XCR There's this one on this website. And it has custom work into it.
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    Bushing die help (243)

    You need to make a dummy round first with its neck already turned. Then measure outside neck with a vernier a.k.a. caliper. Measureing it without the bullet will give you false readings.
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    .243 loads 105 Amax???

    243 Lapua Brass 105 Berger VLD 40.5 gr H4831SC FED 210M Primer That's what I use.
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    Best outside neck turner for 243 win.

    K&m all the way. Works excellent.