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Nightforce ATACR 4-16x42 F1 Review

By ADMIN · Sep 4, 2015 ·
  1. ADMIN

    Nightforce ATACR 4-16x42 F1 Review

    With 12 Mils per revolution of the elevation turret driving a 140 JLK bullet at 3206 fps, I was on steel to 1500 yards with less than one full turn of the elevation turret. Both the elevation and windage turrets have precise, audible movements and the scope’s power selector ring is smooth and easy to turn. Both turrets and parallax knobs have bold, white markings with easy-to-read numbers. The optical performance on this scope is top notch. I am very impressed at the clarity and the sharpness through the entire magnification range out to 16x power.


    The ZeroHold option is a feature on this scope that can be seen in the above picture. It is a button you see coming out of the elevation turret on the top right of scope. It locks the turret in the zero position. To release or turn the turret, you merely press the ZeroHold button in while turning the turret. It only locks back in when you return to your zero, still allowing adjustment while not engaged. Also, it allows 2 Mils of travel below your set zero after you set it according to the owner’s manual. This zero stop helps prevent accidental shift in your vertical point of impact, while the capped windage turret ensures no inadvertent shift left or right.
    I’ve included pictures taken through my scope of the reticle with targets behind. The quality of sight picture is much better than shown in these two images. It is nearly impossible to show with an image just how clear and sharp the glass truly is.

    The scope tracks as it should and passed the standard box test easily with great reliability and repeatability. I engaged steel targets from 350 yards to 1760 yards in this test. I could follow my drop chart out, back in, engage random targets and then return back to zero and be spot-on as long as I did my part reading the wind. The fully multi-coated ED glass is exceptional, and I feel it is truly second to none. Edge-to-edge clarity, bright color rendition, and easy target identification at extreme ranges was a breeze.

    Both the target and the steel are at 200 yards in these pictures.

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