Where to hunt long range in West NY

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    Jun 29, 2008
    I've been intersted in long range shooting for a few years: a trip to the Williamsport Benchrest school 2-3 years ago, and a couple matches at 1000 yds at Williamsport. So I know the basics about long range shooting and have a good 6.5-284 F-class-type gun.
    I would love to try long range hunting, but where can you do this in Western NY??
    --Do you guys go to the Adirondacks, ?? private land?
    I can hunt (bow and gun) around where I live for deer, but all the plots are about 50 acres.
    ---Briefly, I would love to get into long range hunting-- how do you do that in Western NY?

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    Jan 31, 2008

    Welcome, LRH in wester NY is a challenge. I live south of rochester and to be honest I dont even try during the regular season. Your best bet is summer hunting at a farm or one of the winerys in the finger lakes region. I have never had a shot over 500 but my fater inlaw has connected at 700.

    I have found a few places that will work near my home but i live in Monroe county and we are shotgun only. As you start to get down by Swain to the state land shots at LR are more abundent. But then you have to contend with branches when your shooting from hill to hill. Chocton is a place I have found with alot of shooting spots!

    Most if not all farmers be they livestock, fruit or veggies have nussence or D map permits for deer in the summer months. Just ask the vinyard owners along seneca most are very receptive. But there are alot of other places.

    I hope this helped you a bit. If you live near me drop me a line and we can shoot somethime.