ultimate 300 RUM??????

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by rsbhunter, Jan 2, 2008.

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    Apr 3, 2006
    ok iv'e read what i can find on this site, but i still need help/advice on my latest project. I have a Rem. 700 LSS 300 RUM, that i have just sent a deposit to a very reputable gunsmith to do a rebarrel/ accuracy job on...What are your suggestions on bbl length, twist rate, contour, etc......???? This will be primarily a hunting rifle, but will play at 500yds and farther to find out the guns and my capabilities....have pillar bedded, adjusted the trigger to approx. 2 lbs ( all my rifles have approx. same weight) will have either a Vais or Gentry brake installed and am thinking about 28-1/2 or 29 in overall length...will be shooting Berger 190 & 210 Vld's..any help is GREATLY appreciated......rsbhunter p.s. any body having any luck with the Barnes tsx in this caliber????
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    Nov 18, 2004
    LMAO 500 yards You are going to be surprised, thats kinda like a chip shot, my buddies son used my 300RUM this year to get his cow elk at 550, one shot DEAD elk that easy, it wont be very long till you are going 900 - 1000 yards

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    Dec 25, 2005
    Ultimate 300 RUM...

    I have a Borden action in 300 RUM, I went with a Sendero contour Hart Barrel, 30" long, using a HS Precision stock, this rig weighs in at just a hair under 13#'s. This is a 1-10 twist barrel, Jim Borden recommended this for up to the 240 SMK, I just got her two months ago, she really loves the 210 Berger VLDs with 94.5 grs of Retumbo - 0.33 to .5 MOA all day long if the driver is doing their part. This is a barrel heavy rig, so keep in mind that the longer the tube and heavier/larger diameter puts the weight more forward. Still, for me this is fine, and I use it the same way you are, as a hunting rig - shooting off of a bipod on a bench, or Stoney point shooting sticks sitting or standing in the field or a blind. It is a lot longer than my other (stock) guns though, to the tune of another 10" for the barrel of course, so it is a little bit more ungainly - I wouldnt run through brush with her on my shoulder, likely to get caught on something.