Third Generation Shooters Supply to stock the APS Raptor receivers..

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    I am happy to announce that the first shippment of APS Raptor receivers is on its way to Third Generation Shooters Supply. They will be stocking these receivers as an instock, ready to ship option. At first we will have to guage demand so there may be some slight delays if they sell out sooner then expected but my goal is to keep them in stock at all times with them.

    If your interested, contact Bill Bailey at Third Generation to get the details on sales prices.

    Some information on the Raptor for those that have not heard much about it. I designed the first Generation Raptor receiver over 3 years go. Basically, I took the best features from the BAT and Nesika Bay Model M receivers and combined them into my own design and added a few features to make it truely unique.

    You can run a search for the APS Raptor receivers here on LRH and get the detailed write up on the receiver but here is a brief overview of features:

    Comes with:
    Complete receiver/bolt
    Recoil lug
    20 moa pinned rail base
    BAT high quality receiver screws
    Comes with installation instructions and diagram

    -Remington 700 Long Action footprint
    -Uses Rem 700 trigger assemblies
    -Uses Rem 700 bottom metal
    -Comes machined ready to accept up to the Seekins 3.990" detachable mag box system
    -0.750" diameter bolt body
    -HUGE bolt head for extreme strength
    -Aggressively fluted bolt body Standard option
    -Pinned in M-16 style extractor (no possibility of extractor blow out)
    -Flat face bolt (no need for bolt nose recess to be machined in barrel) to simplify and speed up barrel machining
    -Long bolt throat to accept ammunition up to 4.250" in length in single shots, easily 3.990" in repeaters.
    -Barrels need to be 1.250" to 1.350" at the shank diameter
    -Receiver threads are 1.100" x 16 tpi
    -Comes with full length stainless steel 20 moa rail base w/ 6, 8-40 mounting screws
    -Rail base is also triple pinned to receiver to insure no rail slippage with heavy scopes
    -Comes with Holland Comp recoil lug, opened up already for the 1.100" barrel shank diameter.
    -Dramatically longer receiver threads then Rem 700 or even Nesika Bay M receiver to support longer, heavier barrels.
    -Longer receiver offers more bedding area for more stiffness and rigidity
    -Very strong, one piece bolt design, this thing is stout.
    -Available in right or left hand models
    -Available with target(standard) or Hunter ejection port window. Hunter port is much larger.
    -Available with standard belted magnum/RUM bolt face as well as Lapua bolt face so it will work with beltedmagnum, RUM, Dakota, Lapua, Rigby, Big Wby and Excaliber class chamberings.
    -Available in single shot or repeater with several repeating mag box window options.
    -Stainless steel construction throughout

    Stock requirements:

    Any stock inletted for a Remington 700 Long Action can be used with the Raptor AS LONG as there is enough stock material ahead of the Rem 700s recoil lug position. The Raptors recoil lug needs to be relocated roughly 1" farther ahead of the position for the Rem 700. THis also moved the barrel shank farther forward.

    Most standard dimension Rem 700 sporter stocks works perfectly well and ALL varmint, target and tactical style Rem 700 stocks work great. IF your using a HS Precision stock with the aluminum bedding block, you will need a milling machine to relocate the recoil lug recess for the Raptor.

    Other inletting modifications needed will be to mill a bolt stop lever cut out on the weak hand side of the stock for the Raptors bolt stop lever. Also, the ejection port window is extended farther to the rear to clear the longer, magnum ammunition commonly used for long range hunting and shooting.

    All of these mods are extremely simple to do. All stocks should be piller bedded (wood or composite) or skim bedded(Aluminum bedding block) to the Raptor receivers.

    If your ordering a new custom stock. The very best choice for inletting would be to order the stock inletted for the Nesika Bay Model M 1.350" receiver with Remington Tang. With this inletting, you will only have to relocate the recoil lug recess ahead roughly 3/8" and then bed. So if your ordering a stock from say McMillan, just get the Nesika Bay inletting. I am working on getting Manners and McMillan to inlet for the Raptor but that is not ready quite yet. You can not tell the difference with one of these other two stocks when using the Raptor receiver.

    I spent alot of time designing what I believe is the ultimate receiver for long range precision big game hunting that will allow the custom rifle builder to make precision rifles in the similiar weight class as the Rem 700 but with a vastly surperior receiver platform.

    The Raptors heading to Third Generation Shooters Supply are all right hand receivers with Mag box windows that will work with any detachable magazine system ment for the Rem 700 without mods including the long Seekins DM system.

    Again, if your interested, contact Bill (BJ) Bailey at Third Generation.
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    Dec 7, 2004
    Thanks Kirby. Definately proud sell these. Quality is second to none!!! I've got one in a 338 AX and it is truly awesome!! Here is a link to them on our website:

    Allen Precision Actions

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    Check out the new post about the Raptor Stalker I just posted pics on. Shows what can be done with the Raptor receiver in a relatively lightweight package.
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    Another outstanding quality item at 3rd Generation. If anyone has not checked them out ,you should, there prices are good and the flat rate shipping of 4.95 for non-hazmat items is great. I have ordered from them several times and they ship quick.